Micro-Entrepreneurship Mela

Micro-Entrepreneurship Mela


About The Event

Promoting Micro-Entrepreneurship as a means of generating well-being in marginalized communities

WHY a Mela?

The percentage of people engaged in self-employment and micro-entrepreneurship in marginalized communities is nominal. The number of micro-entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals that are successful in generating ample income to cover home expenses is minimal. Why are micro-entrepreneurs stuck in survival mode, unable to build enterprises that thrive? How do we increase the percentage of the poor engaged in micro-enterprise and self-employment?

Based on a survey conducted in Rasoolpura we have found micro-enterprises to be constrained by the following challenges: Financing & Money Management and Infrastructure, as well as a lack of Know-how, Skills, Information and Support.

There are a plethora of organizations working in one, or several, of these areas. The Micro-Entrepreneurship Mela is a networking platform for those engaged in, or that wish to engage in, the space of micro-entrepreneurship & self-employment. It is an opportunity to create linkages, promote services to potential and existing micro-entrepreneurs and avail of investment.

HOW to Participate?

Mediums of Engagement:

Show-case Organizations activities: Set-up a booth showcasing the current activities your organization is involved, ways for other organizations/investors/community members to engage in said activities, and success stories you’ve had, in the area of micro-entrepreneurship development. Booths for organizations are Rs. 500 .

Showcase Micro-Enterprise: Set-up a booth displaying and selling your products/services and potentially availing of loans to grow the business. Booths for micro-entrepreneurs are Rs. 200

Invest: Individuals or organizations interested in investing in other organizations and/or micro-entrepreneurs (with booths) that are looking to grow/start an enterprise

Sponsor: A minimum sponsorship of Rs 1,000. Total cost of the program is Rs 15,000

Plan an Activity/Performance: Organizations/individuals that would like to plan an activity or present a short performance revolving around entrepreneurship are invited to send in their ideas

Attend: An opportunity for individuals and organizations to increase knowledge and awareness as well as network with organizations, other individuals and micro entrepreneurs  engaged in the space of micro-entrepreneurship in marginalized communities.  Entrance is free

Last Day to sign up for a Booth/Activity or to Sponsor is July 5th


Hosted by: Bhumi Centre for Transformational Leadership

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