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MEXPLOSION 12” -Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Anand Institute of Higher Technology-Chennai.

Date of Function: 28th September 2012 

We have our ecstatic Big Bang “MEXPLOSION 12” on the 28th September 2012 at our college. The symposium has a wondrous set of exciting events flavoured with a rich blend of contemporary surprises and speed breakers. MEXPLOSION 12 opens up an arena for technocrats to improvise on their technical knowledge and a simultaneous development of interpersonal skills. The event evaluates the potential of these technocrats that there might be an exponential proliferation of their technical knowledge. The symposium tests one’s mettle and juxtaposes their inner within. MEXPLOSION 12 provides a platform for scintillating performances, vivacious events and participants’ hell bent on winning to unwind. MEXPLOSION 12 synonymously stands for CREATION, EVOLUTION and INNOVATION. 

Be a part! Make a Change! 


1. Paper Presentation

2. Assembling & Dismantling

3. CAD Modelling

4. Just In Time Machining

5. RC Racing

6. Water Rocketry

7. Gaming

8. Treasure Hunt 


Last date for paper submission : 16 September 2012

Date of Intimation : 20 September 2012

Date of Symposium : 28 September 2012 


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Student Coordinators

Karthik. B 99655 39342

Syed Waseem Ahamed 99529 24529

Ranjith Kumaar. N.K. 95510 11947

Kavin Kumar. B 72002 53487 

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