Book Online Tickets for METAPHOR THERAPY WORKSHOP , Pune. METAPHOR THERAPY WORKSHOP IN PUNE13,14 & 15 SEPTEMBER Details - -HR Professionals, Aspiring &Existing Counsellors, Psychology Students , Trainers &TherapistConducted by –Kirti Bakshi Why M



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13,14 & 15 SEPTEMBER 
Details -
For -HR Professionals, Aspiring &Existing Counsellors, Psychology Students , Trainers &Therapist
Conducted by –Kirti Bakshi 

Why Metaphor Therapy
• Metaphor is a unique approach to Applied Psychology which trains a beginner or established counsellor to understand the core issue in greater detail.
• Metaphor therapy is a conversational tool to bring the client issues at a more cognitive level without disturbing the emotional equilibrium.
• It is pattern of communication and drawing interpretation that opens doors to a more productive counselling session.
• Metaphor Therapy is a tool that allows the therapist /counsellor to dive into the clients mind through a very cognitive process.
• It precipitates the core issue and provides substratum for the therapy.
• Metaphors therapy is used as a diagnostic &therapeutic tool by professionals
• It provides a map able pattern that allows a cognitive awareness of changes that are happening with the client.
Topics Covered :
• Colour Psychology
• Drawing Interpretations
• Corrective Drawings
• Interpreting Imaginations
• Spotting Verbal Metaphors
• Therapies using the clients Metaphor
• Metaphorical Visualizations

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