Metamorphosis Ideathon

Metamorphosis Ideathon


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About The Event




Where Creativity meets Entrepreneurship

Metamorphosis Ideathon gives budding entrepreneurs an opportunity to pitch their idea and subsequent business model to a jury of highly accomplished judges. If you think you have the necessary attributes to be a future entrepreneur and are looking for a way to test and hone your skills, we invite you to participate in 'Metamorphosis Ideathon'.

The main requirement for this challenge is that your idea must be a possible solution to a real-world problem.

To take your first steps towards your potential entrepreneurial career, register and pay here. You will receive an email with a detailed form for Round 1.

The Metamorphosis Ideathon is open for any individual in the age group of 10-18 years.

There are 3 rounds that the individual/group must go through:




An Online Review 
The first round consists of an online evaluation form, where the participants’ ideas will be assessed for originality and practical use. The qualifiers of this round will be promoted to round 2.




Presenting a pitch
The 2nd round of the ideathon will allow all participants to present their ideas in no more than 2 minutes, in whichever way they deem fit. Qualifiers of this round will be promoted to the 3rd and final round.




Final Judgement
In this final round, each participating team or individual will be allotted 4-6 minutes to present their business model to the panel of judges , following which, the judges will fire questions at the participants, regarding the same.


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