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The MET Institute of Mass Media is one of the best institutes for mass media and has succeeded in creating equity nationally. To mark the effort

METamorphosis 2013


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About The Event




The MET Institute of Mass Media is one of the best institutes for mass media and has succeeded in creating equity nationally. To mark the effort towards this winning path of change, MET has pioneered ‘METamorphosis’- a professional media event. METamorphosis, since its origin has transformed into  Mumbai’s unbeaten mass media event, giving  students an ideal exposure, moulding them into future media professionals.

It all started in 2009 on a lighter note with ‘Comedy Festickle’ which was followed by ‘Game Changers’ in 2010 and the heart warming ‘Dil Se India’ in 2011. Last year captured a change of everyday media through ‘METamorphosis of Mr. Idea’.

In its fifth year, METamorphosis 2013 scheduled on the 19th, 20th & 21st of December highlights the theme – ‘Between the Mind’, which is all about the analytical and logical ‘Left Brained thinkers’ and the creative and artistic ‘Right Brained thinkers’, teaming up to find the perfect formula and strike the perfect balance. For ages, there has been a tussle between creativity and logic. Be it any aspect of media, the combination of both of these is what brings out the final idea. A culmination of both the aspects, ‘Between the Mind’ where creativity meets logic.

Over the years METamorphosis has witnessed many a media stalwart from the industry - Salman Khan, John Abraham, Ravi Deshpande, Former Chairman & CCO – Contract Advertising, , Anu Malik,  Boney Kapoor, Rohit Shetty, Arun Iyer, NCD- Lowe Lintas, Nagesh Kukunoor, Filmmaker, Shekhar Ravjiani, Music Director, Sanjay Gadhvi, Director, Rajeev Khandelwal etc. METamorphosis’13 will witness many more leading celebrities from the mass media industry.

MET Institute of Mass Media is India’s leading premiere M school and has continuously ranked amongst the best Mass Media Institutes. It trains students to look beyond the obvious and its pedagogy provides them with the best possible, industry-specific education. MET Institute of Mass Media adheres to international standards, with world-class infrastructure. The emphasis is more on practical training rather than theory and learning by rote. 


Pre- Entry Events: 

1)      Grand Masti

We love our films, shows and some ads too; well this grand masti is going to test your knowledge of these very things. And a hint of twist will also be introduced.

Rules and Regulations

-          Event type: Maximum of two participants per team for the quiz


2)      Genredit

‘The trailer of a movie gives an essence of a film. Editing is an art which can uplift the film from ordinariness to its superlative best’

Each team will be assigned with a unique movie; participants need to design a trailer of that movie in a genre that is contrasting to the original one. This event will test the creativity of the participants.

Rules and Regulations

-          Event type: Participants need to form a team of maximum two members

-          Submission format: Avi and Mp3

-          The duration of the trailer should be minimum 60 seconds and maximum 90 seconds

-          Event brief and submission timeline will be mailed to the participants post registration


3)      Click it

‘You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard and the people you have loved.’

Here is an ultimate challenge of narrating a story with photographs only. This photography event goes hand in hand with storytelling. The challenge is to draw a conclusion of a story with the aid of five photographs.

Rules and Regulations

-          Event type: Maximum two members per team

-          Participants require to carry their own camera

-          There should be a climax to the story

-          No mobile phones allowed to click photos


4)      Aika ho aika

Shout out loud, tell the world about METamorphosis! The best videos will be uploaded on our Facebook page. The video with maximum likes and entertainment value wins!

Rules and Regulations

-          Event Type: Maximum five members per team

-          Integrate the shout out with the theme of the event

-          Submission Format: Avi, on a CD

-          Any form of non compliance in vocals or action will be disqualified


Note: Submission Time Lines for all Pre-Entry Events is on or before December 14, 2013 (Monday to Saturday: 11am-5pm) excluding bank holidays. 


On-Ground Events:

1)      Ad Makers! 


An Ad Maker transforms a product into a brand and a concept into an emotion. Here we have an event where you can test your practical knowledge and showcase your creativity. You will be required to script an Ad for products provided by us!

 Rules & Regulations:

-          Event type: Participants need to have a team of maximum five members

-          Each team will get 60 minutes for scripting the Ad and 60 seconds to present the Ad


 2)      30 Maar Khan!


‘Think of yourself as a superhero version of yourself, before you plan to market yourself!’


What would you do, if you were stuck with your ‘DREAM EMPLOYER’ in an elevator?

First impression is indeed the last impression, so here we give you a chance to live your dream with, ‘30 Maar Khan!’

 Rules & Regulations:

-          Event type : Individual participation

-          Situation will be provided at the venue

-          Each participant will get 30 seconds to prepare and 30 seconds to present their pitch


3)      Pixi-create! 


‘Designers are meant to be loved and not to be understood!’


All you young designer enthusiasts let your creative fluids flow and create a picture.

Our design event is so simple, that you’ll find it complicated. We’ll just advice, ‘Practice safe design and use a concept!’

Rules & Regulations:

-          Event type: Individual participation

-          Participants will get 60 minutes to make their design piece using Corel Draw & Adobe Photoshop

-          Each student will get 7 minutes to present

-          Laptops would be provided at the venue


 4)      Watch Out!


‘Creativity needs a bit of untidiness. Make everything too neat and there is no room for experiment!’


Here is your chance to make something innovative with all levels of untidiness that you want to use.  At the venue, you will be given a brief, on the basis of which you need to make an Outdoor Ad. We leave it up to you, whether you want to use your left brain cells or the right one, what we need is an out of the box piece!

 Rules & Regulations:

-          Event type: Participants need to have a team of maximum six members

-          Participants will get 120 minutes to design and make the Ad

-          Paint and Cardboard will be provided. You may carry other required stationary


5)      Kahaani main twist


‘Do the twist’


Ever wondered how you could change your favourite TV show according to the whims and fancies of your mind, well here is a perfect chance for you to do just that, in this event you will be given a show and your team has to introduce a twist in the show.

 Rules & Regulations:

-          Event type: Participants need to have a team of maximum five members

-          Participants would be given 45 minutes to think & plan

-          Each group would be given 10 minutes to present the script


6)      Radio-Active


‘Every expression is heard, if spoken well and every product can be sold if marketed tactfully!’


The sound of radio has changed from soulful music to peppy contemporary songs and so has the nature of advertising on radio. We bring to you an exciting radio event, wherein you will be required to sell products in pure FM RADIO style. Here a twist awaits you,  so make sure you are an active radio listener!

 Rules & Regulations:

-          Event type: A team of maximum two members

-          Each team will be given 20 minutes to prepare and 3 minutes for presenting the script

-          The task gets more challenging with round two, where you might get whacky products to sell in your new show!


 7)      Comedy Central

‘You can be fat, ugly or have a receding hairline, but if you can make people laugh you are rockstar!’

Humour comes in slapstick, satirical and many other forms. This event is all about the quirky quotient, wherein each team will be given 15 minutes to script a comedy act and enact it. From round two, things will get weird, interesting, fun and a bit twisted too. Participants need to impress the judges with their rib tickling antics in this one.

Rules and Regulations

-          Event type: Maximum eight members per team

-          Participants need to carry their own props

-          The act should be of minimum 10 minutes and  maximum 15 minutes

-          Any form of non compliance in vocals or action will be disqualified


8)      Muster

‘They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Art can capture the vivid fragments of your imagination and make them come alive in the most colourful vibrant way’

We present you with a challenge that is a combination of soulful lyrics and magnificent strokes. Each team will be given a song; the challenge of this event is to give the song a visual meaning with a colour palette and personify the song with your paint brush.

 Rules and Regulations

-          Event type: Maximum seven members per team

-          Paint and wooden ply will be provided.

-          Participants need to carry their own brushes and other stationary required.

-          The song will be given to the participants at the venue

-          The participants that clear the elimination round will be given a sassy medium to work in the final round.


9)      Patato-Batata

‘The difference between lies and white lies could just be a matter of perception.’

This is a Journalism event wherein the participants will be given a news piece to report in two distinctly different ways. The participants would be required to report the news piece in a sensational, over the top, puffery fashion or in an informative and responsible manner. This event will expose the two facets of Journalism!

Rules and Regulations

-          Event type: Each team will consist of two members

-          Each team will be given 10 minutes to prepare and 5 minutes to present

-          The situation brief  will be given at the venue


 10)  Spaced out

‘Thinking inside the box’ - that’s the key!

Few of us make films, few of us write, few of us act, well this event is for those few of us. In this event, participants have to shoot a film in one room with the elements provided in the room! There is a small twist though which will reveal itself on the day of the event.

Rules and Regulations

-          Event type: maximum of five members per team including actors

-          Each team will get one hour to shoot

-          Duration of the film will be for maximum 3 minutes

-          Film Submission Format: Avi, on a CD – on the next day


11)  Khel mandala (Street Play)

Life is stage; each one has a role to play.

Street play is the most expressive form of art! There are no edits and re-takes, it is just pure and sheer acting. To make it more interesting, a product would be given. Each team needs to integrate the product in their story line. 

Rules and Regulations

-          Time limit: Maximum  20 minutes

-          Participants can use their own props and costumes

-          No political topic

-          Any form of non compliance in vocals or action will be disqualified


12)  Hou de... Jahiraat!

‘Advertising is a way of life.’

The idea is very simple - Make a print ad or write a jingle, but these ads are to be made for Marathi audience without altering the existing brand values.

Rules and Regulations   

-          Event type: Maximum three participants per team

-          Each team will be given 60 minutes to prepare and 5 minutes to present

-          Sketching material will be provided.

-          No translations allowed



Panel Discussions: 


A string of art and experimental movies have started to make a mark in the industry, battling it out with pure commercial movies. For sometime, ‘content’ remained the ‘king’ in the Hindi film industry, until the ‘100 crore club’ happened. Let’s discover which one is attracting more audiences and what’s giving them the cutting edge! 



When you make a decision based on logic, you tend to get more analytical, but in the process you limit to what you could actually accomplish creatively.  Let’s, analyse creative or the marketing expertise, which one is over ruling the other in the current time!



Marathi film industry has been on the fast run these days, attempting to release the films on the same day, alike the Hindi films. Marathi film fraternity is expanding its horizons day by day. The intrusion of big production houses has lead to an expansion in the popularity of Marathi film industry. Let’s discover if this is effecting the veterans. 


Entertainment Workshop: 

From 30 seconds to 3 hours - story telling is an art but it’s a difficult art form, in this workshop we learn the art of storytelling and how difficult it is. Whether it’s a story of ad film or a feature film. Learn this art from the experts.  

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