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Neuro-semantics is also known as the science of success. ” – As quoted in the Wall Street Journal.

NLP is considered the number 1 tool of choice among the top celebrity business and life coaches around the world. It is well known that many top politicians including Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, and Barack Obama are trained in NLP. Celebrities that are known to use these skills are Oprah Winfrey, Sophie Dahl, Lily Allen, Gerri Halliwell and Jimmy Carr. It is said that Robbie Williams use a very simple NLP technique before going stage. All of these people use the skills of NLP to help them succeed in their profession.


GET 3 INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS IN ONE TRAINING from Top Premier NLP Certifying Body in the world the International Society of Neuro Semantics.

1.NLP Practitioner-ISNS-USA

2.Neuro- Semantics Practitioner-ISNS-USA.

3.Advance Coaching Essentials Certification from ISNS-USA.


 48,000  Early Bird Offer at Rs.36, 000valid until 15th Feb, 2014.

With Mr. M K Haokip, the only Indian ISNS Licensed Trainer & Self Actualization Coach in South India.

Features and Benefits: 

1. Lifetime NLP and also Neuro Semantics Practitioner's License from ISNS -USA-one of the top 3 Premier NLP Body in the world. 
2. Advanced Coaching Essential License too- Meta Coaching Level I clearance. (ICF-CCE Level Course - Makes you eligible for Level II of Meta Coaching professional pathway) 
3. A Participant's manual of about 200 pages designed and written by Michael Hall and worth around $69.99. 
4. Lunch, 2 teas and snacks included. 
5. Umbrella of credibility under ISNS and access to 3000 pages of Neuro Semantics articles and pages of materials from NS website 
6. Post training support through e group membership at Neurons and becoming a part of ISNS chapter India. 
7. You get ,”The User’s Manual for the Brain”, written by the Founders for Free. 
8. Get 3 months phone support and lifetime email support from the Trainers. 
9. Get ISNS certification worth $3000 at almost 1/6 of the International price.

10. The Triple certification fee is included in the package.

11. Get to re-attend the course for FREE as an Assist Team Leader for enhancing your skill.

12. 40% discount on your Master Certification.

13. Pay only Rs.26, 000 to attend this course if you have already attended an NLP Practitioner or Masters and feel like it was just mumbo jumbo with no real education. Money back guaranteed.

14. Get FREE Coaching worth Rs.30, 000 if you’re the first 2 People to book.


Course Description 

A Meta NLP Practitioner is someone who has learned to use the attitudes, principles and techniques of Neuro-Semantics and NLP to create positive empowering changes in themselves and others that are focused directly on career success. During the Practitioner Training, you will learn through demonstrations and interactive exercises how to: communicate effectively and persuasively, manage your state of mind and body to handle any situation and overcome unconscious beliefs that might limit your true potential and hold you back from real success.

“Neuro-semantics, also known as the science of success."- As quoted in the Wall Street Journal.


Neuro-Semantics focuses centrally on the skills and processes for unleashing your potentials by mobilizing your best resources. If you are interested in becoming more resourceful, running your own brain, taking charge of your own life, and actualizing all of your highest latent potentials, the models and patterns of NLP and Neuro-Semantics are designed as tools and processes to achieve just that.


Models for understanding the systemic nature of mind-body-emotions & their effect on business systems.

Patterns for developing greater competence, self-confidence, resourcefulness and success in career and relationships.

Skills for training, coaching, and consulting for living more mindfully and intentionally in adapting to an ever-changing world.

Self-Actualization of your best values and visions as you create the richest and most robust meanings for a truly meaningful life.

Romeo’s trainings are designed specifically to enhance your professional life. Neuro-Semantics is well known for its many change techniques - enabling you to set clear and achievable goals and overcome any of the fears and obstacles that may be standing in your way. By becoming a Meta NLP Practitioner you will become proficient in helping yourself and others resolve issues and conflicts and design a future that is both compelling and achievable.

Many significant benefits in the professional arena come from, from increased skills in communications, managing, influencing and team work, to entrepreneurial skills and increased self management for the self-employed and small business owner. Many people considering career changes have also found their NS & NLP skills invaluable in making effective decisions about their future, and increasing their abilities in key areas of life.


This course provides you with all the key concepts of NLP from a Neuro-Semantic perspective. The “User’s Manual For The Brain” is the book based on this training and is an extremely useful addition to the course. Upon payment you will be sent the book or you can pick up the Practitioner Manual to familiarize yourself with the contents.

Pay only Rs.26,000 to attend this course if you have already attended an NLP Practitioner or Masters and feel like it was just mumbo jumbo with no real education. Money back guaranteed.

This certification is for those who have the inner hunger and thirst for applying change FIRST to their lives through NLP, and to communicate that congruent lifestyle to effect change in others. This is about the drive to contribute to be a change agent in the world. This certification will give you absolute power to do almost anything-you will become unstoppable, once you face your fears, doubts, create purposeful outcomes and be able to cue yourself to consistent behaviours that will take you closer to your dreams.

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