Mentoring Roundtable with Akshay Rao

Mentoring Roundtable with Akshay Rao


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About The Event

During this roundtable, Akshay will cover the below-mentioned topics and why these are important from a startup's perspective.

1. Refining Value Proposition: What is your customer base? Explicitly defining your value proposition

2. Design Thinking, Job Stories, and Customer Journey Mapping: Insight from the customer's perspective about his relationship with an organization/brand across various channels.

3. Building Unit Economic Models: Direct revenues and costs associated with a business, done on a per unit basis. A better understanding into how you should project a particular customer's Lifetime value and the cumulative cost spent to acquire a specific customer.

The session will be followed by Q&A during which attendees will get the opportunity to ask any questions they have around these topics specific to their business and seek answers from the mentor as well as from peers in the room.

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