Book Online Tickets for Study Smart Workshop, Bengaluru. Dear Parents,
Is your child facing any of these:

Forget what they learn
Lack concentration
Lack confidence in exams
Stressed when studying
Last minute exam preparation

If you answered \\\

Study Smart Workshop


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About The Event

Dear Parents,

Is your child facing any of these:

  1. Forget what they learn
  2. Lack concentration
  3. Lack confidence in exams
  4. Stressed when studying
  5. Last minute exam preparation

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, please read on.This could be what your child needs to help them! If youreally want them to excel in their studies without studyingany harder, this program is for them.

The students who get the highest grades aren't the ones with thehighest IQs or the ones who work hardest. They're the ones whouse the best learning strategies. We at Success Edge CANprovide those learning strategies.

Don't Study Harder, Study SMARTER!Introducing The Speed Study System Anyone Can Use To Get Better Grades InLess Time And With Less Effort - Guaranteed!

Dear Parent,

Remembering information is a skill many students struggle with. It is not because they were born with or withoutthe ability to remember. The fact of the matter is, no one has ever taught you HOW to memorize what youneed for tests.

We are proud to bring you our seminar to help parents and students learn how to use their memory to remembermore and study less.

This is a proven, easy, fun and guaranteed way to learn and retain information taught inschool"

There is a big exam tomorrow and a list of information to remember, but the teacher did not show how tomemorize the information! Wouldn't school be easier if your child just remember more from his or her lastclasses? Do you get worried they won't remember anything that they studied the night before a test?

Imagine getting better grades in school and remembering more of what is learned with no extra study time. Astudent’s natural gifted memory and the this program can make this all a reality for you. When put into practice,these techniques help your child join the ranks of students across the country who have found their winningedge, a more powerful memory. Help them unlock their own memory potential with this life-changing course andlearn how to memorize all of the information you need to know for exams!

This Seminar is designed to teach you how to remember the information that is taught inyour classes.

Dear Student,

As a bonus, you will also get some tips on how to maximize your study time and tips you can use during tests.Once you learn the system, studying and taking tests will actually become fun!! Your confidence willincrease and so will your grades.

We have been teaching memory training to more than 25,500 students and professionals in 4 countries for overthirteen years. The testimonials from many of these people have been nothing short of being amazing!

 What is covered?

  • How to make learning fun!
  • How to remember technical words
  • How to maximize your study time
  • Multiple intelligences and how to develop them
  • How to learn vocabulary and foreign languages
  • How to transfer any information to your long term memory

The seminar is upbeat and positive so you are guaranteed to have fun while you are learning. The fact is, youwere not born with a good memory or a bad memory. No one has ever trained you to use your memory properly.You memory is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it become.

So if you are doing poorly in school because you just can't recall theinformation you need for exams, stop right now and learn a skill that willdramatically increase your ability to remember EVERYTHING you learn in school.

Trainer :

Jeyaraman Seenivasagam MSP, M.Ed(Training & Development) A true enthusiast of memorysystems and study skills, Jeyaraman from Malaysia has trained thousands of people rangingfrom students to top management on memory skills, study skills, public speaking and creativethinking in Cambodia, Maldives, Indonesia, Brunei,Singapore, India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.His EASY to apply memory techniques have helped thousands of students with their work atschool and enhanced their grades FAST!

Suitable age : 10 years and above

Comments from past participants & parents

believe this seminar has got to be one of thoselife changing events that changed my son's lifeforever, for the better. He now knows how to fishinstead of waiting for a fish." Mrs. Jeanie Yap,mother of Yap Chee Keat, Form 3 student.

“By applying the techniques from the program,I have become the top student of INTI Collegeand obtained a scholarship from Astro to studyin the University of NSW, Australia. I alsoreduced my revision time from 3 hours to 20minutes and remember even more now."JoelLee, Student, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, INTI, Subang.

"My marks went from 45 to 89 making methe top student in my class." Vinojini Nair,Student, Taylors College.

“I have now become a changed person andam more focused. I now have a clear vision ofachieving my goal of becoming a doctor. I amnot going to waste my precious time anymore!”Amirah, Form 5 SMK Sultan Addul Samad,PJ

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