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Megathon - Live The Thrill


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About The Event

Megathon : India's First Adventure Sports League 


Special offer to MeraEvents Subscribers: Book Tickets through and get 10% disount on your booking. Discount Code: "Megathon2014"


Megathon brings together the outdoors, sports competitions, adventure sports, travel and individual achievements. Participants of Megathon will not only have fun but they will bring themselves to new personal levels while testing their stamina, team collaboration skills and their willingness to participate in a true adventure.

Megathon is India's premier Adventure Sports competition and festival. The event takes place in one of India's most famous Adventure Sports locations and one of her most beautiful natural and spiritual environments, Rishikesh India, the home of Adventure Sports and pure nature.

Megathon could be considered India's Adventure Sports Olympics. The competitions are designed to put teams of six people together as one entity to compete against one another. Each team and team member will compete in various events to include a quaterthon run, a mountain bike relay race, a white water rafting race, an obstacle course and more. By creating various sporting events each team and team member can show their physical and mental skill in different ways.



White Water Rafting Race:

  White Water Rafting on the Gange is a true adventure sport and one of the most popular sports in all of india. Teams of 6 will take to araft with a professional guide and race against other rafts on the river. Strength, Stamina and Team work will be necessary to battle the class 3 and 4 rapids while trying to paddle faster than the other rafts competing against you and your team. Floating down the river is not an option! This race requires that all 6 team members work together and use their upperbody strength to paddle as fast as they can and in sync with one another. You must paddle fast and hard enough to push your way down the river past all the other rafts and finish first. Does your team have what it takes?



Mountain Bike Relay Race:

   You will have a mountain bike, a helmet and knee pads, but what you truly need is speed and no fear while you peddle your way as fast as you can through rough mountain terrain. This race will consist of 3 person teams. The first person will ride as fast as they can until they reach the second point in the race where they will hand their bike over to their team mate, the second person will then again ride as hard and fast as they can until the third leg of the race where the last team member will be waiting to finish the race at top speed. Each team member will be riding on rough mountain roads, up and down hill while pushing their way to the top spot. Each individual team member needs to give it their all.



Rishikesh Quarterathon:

  Rishikesh Quarterathon comprises of theme based community run which comprises a stretch of 7Miles/11.26 km's . It represents a whole lot more, it also characterizes a sensitive and imperative issue facing Uttarakhand i.e.decline in tourism post the natural calamity of 2013. The run would be open to all and would serve the purpose of highlighting Uttarakhand as a premier Adventure Sports Destination as thousands of participants along with prominent personalities and Celebrities would "Run for Uttarakhand"



Rope Pulling:

  Teams of 6 will each take the end of a rope and through tenacity, team work and strength try to pull the other team down to their knees. Each team that wins one rope pulling event will compete against the next team and the last team standing will be declared the winner. This event is all about brute strength and team work. Which team will be the last team standing?



Obstacle Course:

  One Team Member per team will compete against another person from another team through a rigorous obstacle course. When all team members have taken their turn through the crazy difficulties of the obstacle course the team with the most individual wins will be declared the winner.



PaintBall Competition:

 Can you and your team take down the other teams in a paintball "war"? This event is all about fun and strategy. Work as a team to take out members of the other team until there is only one man/team standing. Stealth, communication and stamina are the name of this game and it's messy and fun too!



Other activities to be included are:

   Yoga & Meditation, Concert, Shopping Carnival, Short Guided Tour of Rishikesh etc.


Whats Included



 Competitions such as Water Rafting, Mountain Cycling, Rock Climbing, Paintball, Obstacle      Run, Rope Pulling and Rishikesh Quarterathon

 Other Activities such as Rock Concert, Beach Volleyball, IPL Screening at River side, Shopping Festival etc

 Delux AC Transportaion to and from Risikesh between Delhi

 Transportation to and from the events sites.

 3 t-shirts per team member

 Deluxes Camp Stay on twin sharing basis

 Three full meals per day

 All gear and safety equipment required for each event

 Opportunity to be part of India's Biggest Adventure Sports League

 An adventurous and fun filled weekend of competitions and enjoyment.



Event Schedule:



Note: - Participants in non competitive category will not be participating in Rock Climbing, Competitive teams will enjoy few additional benefits.

Terms & Conditions

  • Term & Conditions :-  COMPETITIVE

    I Understand and agree that my participation in the Rishikesh Quarterathon 2014 (“Event”)organized, operated, conducted by 7Miles Backpacker Events Private Limited is conditional upon my execution of this document and I hereby declare, confirm and agree as follows:


    1.1. The Megathon, the Adventure Sports Championship (henceforth referred to as “the Event”) will be governed by the Event Committee. This committee has complete discretion in formulating and applying all rules and penalties. These rules may be modified or altered at the discretion of the Race Committee at any time.

    1.2. The official language of the Event is English and all competitors are responsible for reading and understanding these rules, race signs and directions, and any oral instructions given before and during the Event.

    1.3. The Event Committee reserves the right to impose time penalties or to disqualify teams for conduct in violation of these rules or contrary to the best interests of the event. The decisions of the Event Committee are final and cannot be appealed.

    1.4. Time cut-off points may be designated at various places along the course of the events.

    Teams arriving after the designated time at any cut-off point may, at the discretion of event officials, will be disqualified.

    1.5. Failure of any team member or a team to immediately and respectfully comply with a direction or decision of a Event official will result in the disqualification of the team.

    1.6. All decisions by the Event Director regarding the results and the prizes will be final and binding on all the event participants.

    1.7. The organizers reserve the right to add or cancel one or more activities.

    1.8. The organizers reserve the right to reschedule the event.


    2.1. Each team will have a team leader who should be a member of the participating team. The team leader will be fully responsible for the team.

    2.2. The organizers will communicate only with the team leader. All correspondence from the organizers will be addressed to the team leader. Only the team leader should attend all briefing meetings and seminars convened by the organizers.

    2.3. Every team member will be required to sign a liability waiver by the organizer.

    2.4. The team entry fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.

    2.5. All teams should follow all traffic rules along the course of the road events.

    2.6. Once a team is disqualified, it will no longer be considered as a part of the Event.

    2.7. Use of any special equipment or event tactic, the legality of which is unclear under these rules, must be disclosed in full to the Event Director prior to the Event, to be approved. In the event that the equipment or tactic is approved, the Event Director will keep the inquiry confidential. In the event that a team fails to pre-disclose and receive approval, this fact will weigh against the team in the determination of any protests filed on account of use of such equipment or tactic.


    3.1. The event will run from Time Control to Time Control. The Time Control will be the location where each team will report after every segment of the event and get their respective timings recorded for that segment.

    3.2. All the members of the team should arrive at every Time Control (TC) . Once they arrive, the team should stand inside the time box. Only after the TC official signals, the team leader should step out of the time box and approach the TC counter. Here, the TC official will record the time of arrival on the participant team’s time card as well on the official’s time card.Both these cards should be counter signed by the TC official and the team leader. This procedure must be followed at every TC. Any deviation or any behavior contrary to the above mentioned procedure would lead to instant disqualification of the participant team.

    3.3. The time once recorded by the TC official will be final.


    4.1. Any action by the team that degrades deteriorates or damages the environment through which the event will run will lead to disqualification. If the team is spotted littering or throwing garbage along the way of the event, altering or tampering with any of the natural surroundings for any reason what so ever will lead to instant disqualification of the team.

    4.2. No outside (i.e. non-team) support is allowed. Teams must be self-contained except for the  official support provided at official aid stations at transition areas.

    4.3. The Event Director has the right to disqualify any team on grounds of indiscipline or indecent behavior or any such action that is detrimental to the conduct of the event.

    4.4. If any information provided by the participant team is found to be false or incorrect, the team will be disqualified.

    4.5. Consumption or possession of alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes or any banned substances will lead to instant disqualification of the team.

    4.6. The time once recorded by the TC official will be final. Any argument with respect to the recorded time will lead to disqualification.

    4.7. Tampering with or loss of the time card will lead to disqualification.

    4.8. Every team will have to pass through all the TCs and PCs in the prescribed sequence only. Failing to do so will lead to disqualification.

    4.9. Argument with event officials, event marshals or the members of the other team will lead to disqualification.

    4.10. Teams must make reasonable assumptions and decisions with regard to the direction of the course. Any Team which removes or changes the location and/or direction of course markings will be disqualified.

    4.11. Event officials reserve the right to prohibit a competitor from starting or finishing any segment of the Event on medical grounds. Any such decision of the Event official is final.

    4.12. Failure to wear properly secured safety equipments at all times during the relevant segments will result in the disqualification of the team. All decisions given by the event officials will be final and binding on all the participants. No arguments whatsoever will be entertained and will lead to disqualification of the team even if the event is over and the results are yet to be declared.


    6.1. Once the event is over, provisional results will be declared. The period of 30 minutes after the provisional results are declared, will be considered as ‘Protest Time’. Any team, who wishes to protest, will have to submit the protest in writing to the Race Director along with a protest fee of Rs. 2000/-. The Event Director will then look into the matter and give the decision. The Event

    Director will then declare the final result.

    6.2. The decision of the Event Director will be final and binding on the participants.

    6.3. In case the decision of Event Director is not in favor of the protesting team, then the protest fee will be forfeited. Only if the decision of is in favor of the protesting team, the protest fee will be refunded to the Protesting team.

    6.4. No protest will be entertained after the expiry of the protest time. In case there are no

    protests in the ‘protest time’, the provisional results would be treated as the final results.

    6.5. Once the final results are declared – no protests, arguments or any such action will be entertained. Any misbehaviour in the protest time will lead to instant disqualification.

    6.6. The Event Director can alter, amend or change the course of the event as well as the rules  and regulations without any prior notice, in case there are any extraneous factors affecting the race like dangerous weather conditions, water levels etc.. Such changes would be conveyed either by Additional Ruleposted at TCs or orally by the race Marshals at the TCs/PCs and would be binding with immediate effect.

    6.7. All decisions by the Event Director regarding the results and the prizes will be final and binding on all the race participants.

    6.8. Any Team Failing to attend ( not represented by its team leader ) the Pre-Event Briefing will lose its right to PROTEST.


    I, wish to enter. I confirm and agree that I take part in this event entirely at my own risk and that I will not hold the organizer of this event, 7Miles Backpacker Events Pvt Ltd its agents, employees, vendors or partners, any sponsor of this event or any organization or person providing medical, catering, logistical, IT or other support or services for this event (or any director, employee, agent, or contractor of any of the foregoing or any person otherwise associated with any of the foregoing) responsible for death or any injury or for any damage to or loss or destruction of property or any other economic loss or for any consequential loss, in any such case arising from any accident or mishap or otherwise arising from or connected with this event, and whether during or after this event, in preparation for it, travelling to or from it or otherwise. I also agree to indemnify or reimburse the organizer of this event in respect of any additional expenses or costs incurred by the organizer of this event arising from or in connection with my participation in this event.

    Agreement to grant rights in respect of image and voice

    I, hereby acknowledge and agree that 7Miles Backpacker Events Pvt Ltd (without reference to, and without the prior approval of, or any payment to, any person) use, in any publicity material connected with Megathon (including but not limited to any promotional or fundraising activities, any photograph, film, videotape, record or other reproduction of the image and/or voice of me, my teammates or members of my support team who take part in the Megathon and itsrelated activities.


    I Understand and agree that my participation in the Megathon 2013 (“Event”) organized, operated, conducted by 7Miles Backpacker Events Private Limited is conditional upon my execution of this document and I hereby declare, confirm and agree as follows:

    I am aware that running and in particular competitive running involves the possibility of injury or death and I am exposing myself to the same;

    1. I am above the age of 12 years.
    1. I have fully understood the risk and responsibility of participating in the Event and will be participating entirely at my sole risk and responsibility. I voluntarily agree to assume all risks and dangers including but not limited to the risk that I may injured, physically or mentally either by my own acts or by the acts of other participants;
    1. I agree that if I am injured or taken ill or otherwise suffer any detriment whatsoever, I hereby irrevocably and unconditionally authorize the Event officials and/or organizers to, at my sole risk and cost, to transport me to a medical facility and/or administer emergency medical treatment and I waive all claims that might result from such transport and/or treatment or delay or deficiency therein. I shall pay or reimburse to 7Miles Backpacker Events Pvt Ltd without constestation or demur the medical and emergency expenses and I herby authorized 7Miles to incur the same.
    1. In case of any illness or injury caused to me or death suffered by me by way of participation in the Event for any reasons whatsoever or due to any force majeure Event including but not limited to fire, riots or other civil disturbances, earthquakes, storms, typhoons or any terrorist act, none of the sponsors of the Event or any entity/authorities and/or officials and/or any contractor and/or any of 7Miles, its directors, officials, employees or volunteers or any person or entities associated with event or the directors, employees, agents or representatives of all or any of the aforementioned shall be held liable by me and/or my representatives.
    1. I shall indemnify 7Miles Backpacker Events Private Limited against all claims, damages, actions, losses, costs or expenses (whether arising under statute or otherwise) for negligence, personal injury, physical trauma, death, property damage, or infringement or any third party rights that arrives as a result of any act, matter or thing done, permitted or omitted to be done by me by virtue of my presence at the venue of the Event.
    1. I accept these risks, and all others arising from these Events, even if arising from the negligence, gross negligence or negligent rescue by those associated in any manner with the Event and programs I may be involved in, the venue at which this Event and/or the program takes place or by those organizing, officiating or participating in the Event and/or program, including their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, servants, volunteers and representatives (the “Releases”).
    1. I understand that all applicable rules for participation must be followed and that the sole responsibility for my personal safety remains with me including my physical and emotional preparation and fitness to participate in the Event and/or the program. I have obtained a medical clearance from a registered medical practitioner, allowing me to participate in the Event and the same shall be provided to 7Miles on request Non-production of a medical certificate may result in disqualification of my participation from the Event at 7Miles sole discretion and the same shall be acceptable to me.
    1. I give, a full release and waiver of liability and all claims, damages, actions, losses, cost or expenses (whether arising under statute or otherwise) that I have, or may have in the future against 7Miles, and all other releases from all liability for any loss, damage, injury or expense that I have may suffer as a result of my participation in any part or parts of the Event and/or program or any presence at any venue at which there may take place due to any cause whatsoever including the forms of negligence set forth in paragraph (e) above or from any breach or contract or statutory duty or other care including any duty of care owed under the relevant law on the part of the releases.
    1. I agree not to institute legal proceedings and I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Releases from any and all expenses fees liability or damage award or cost of any type whatsoever arising from any participation in the Event and/or program;
    1. I understand, agree irrevocably permit 7Miles to share the information given by me in this application, which all/any Releases associated with the Event, at its own discretion. All intellectual property rights in relation to the same shall solely and exclusively vest with 7Miles throughout the world in perpetuity.
    1. Should the event be cancelled for any reason whatsoever I understand that entry fees will not be refunded and that no liability of any kind will attach to any person, corporation or body involved in connection with the event.
    1. I understand and irrevocably permit 7Miles and the associated parties to use my personal information to contact me.
    1. I satisfy all entry requirements as set out.
    1. I understand and agree that in the Event of any dispute arising between me and/or 7Miles Backpacker Events Private Limited and/or the Releases, the same shall be governed by the law of India and the courts at Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the same.
    1. I agree to abide by the conditions of the event as stated in the declaration above and upon literature and other material distributed in connection with the event.
    1. 7Miles Backpacker Events Private Limited reserves the right to club in a team as per their discretion
    1. 7Miles reserve the right to add or cancel one or more activities
    1. 7Miles reserve the right to re-schedule the event or any activity of the Event
    1. 7Miles Backpacker Events Private Limited reserves the right to reject any entry, and further reserves the right to change the details of the above referenced event without prior notice.\"

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