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MEGABLAST 2014 New Year Party in Mumbai is the place you need to head to if you wish to have a memorable end for the current year 2014 and embrace the new year 2015 in all joy and happiness. With the best-in-class entertainment activities lined up, ranging from fire breathers, to flash mob dancers, the event has everything that you would ever dream of experiencing in a new year's eve party.

MEGABLAST 2014 new year party would turn on the heat this new year's eve with a once-in-a lifetime experience that it has to offer at the poolside party. With an ambience that has stunning pyrotechnical displays, smoke effects that are combined with powerful laser lights and much more, the new year's eve party would leave a "WOW' feeling in the hearts of all the hardcore party lovers looking to blast into the New Year.

There would also be several surprise elements that would be introduced to the guests throughout the night, at regular intervals (every hour),  to raise the tempo of entertainment at the new year party. While the DJ plays the most hot and happening songs, there would hardly be any guests who would succeed in resisting the temptation to stay away from the dance floor.

And if you are someone who enjoys a drink here is your chance to get speechless as the qualified bartenders would leave you stunned with their bartending skills, while they would also make sure that you control your liquor consumption.

The flash mob dancers would provide the hype along with slowing down the mob and giving them a chance to breathe between DJ routines. While the fire breathers have been employed to display their breathtaking skills to provide that final memory saver moment in your minds.

There would be an exquisite display of food that would let your taste buds have a new year's eve celebration of its own, while  stabilizing your alcohol intake. Shallow pools for our mermaids and mermen patrons and an exclusive rain dance area for those water loving guests who love to lose their inhibitions.

Well, there is more to the party than what we have just disclosed, as the guests would stand chance to win fabulous door entry prizes that would be an excellent crowd motivator to increase the fun factor. Adding to this would be the stunning fireworks at midnight that would make a bright start for your new year 2015.


FAOs for New Year Events:


1  What kind of passes are available?
ANS: Single passes, Couple Passes and Group Passes

 2  What’s included in the Entry Pass Price?  
Ans: Free liquor*, Free Food, Transportation to and from nearest railway station.

 3 Accommodation available at extra cost for groups of 8 and more.

 4  Do they have food counters at the venue where we can buy food from during the party?
Ans: YES.Guest can order from menu cards as well.

 5 Is it a open place or a indoor place?  
Ans : Open

 6 How is the seating arrangement - Seated/ Non-seated  
Ans : Both

 7 Are there dance floors?
Ans: YES

 8 Are kids allowed? Ans: no
Minimum age 21 years

 9 Security : Heavy security

 10 Are emergency services available?
ANS: Yes. we have a medical unit on location for basic needs.
11 Is Parking available or not? (Paid or Free)
Ans: Space for parking free
12 Is re-entry allowed?  
Ans: NO

 13 Overall Capacity of the venue
ANS: max 2500

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