Book Online Tickets for MEDITECH CONCLAVE 2017: Conference on Ad, Hyderabad. In today’s world, technology plays a dominant role in every industry as well as in our personal lives. Among all of the industries, healthcare is one of the most important sectors where technology plays a crucial role. This merger of technology

MEDITECH CONCLAVE 2017: Conference on Advanced Medical Technologies for Better Healthcare


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About The Event

In today’s world, technology plays a dominant role in every industry as well as in our personal lives. Among all of the industries, healthcare is one of the most important sectors where technology plays a crucial role. This merger of technology in healthcare is responsible for improving and saving countless lives through out the world. Advancements in medical technology, various sciences and technologies have allowed physicians to better diagnose and treat their patients since the beginning of the professional practice of medicine. Areas like electronics, biotechnology, IT, pharmaceuticals, materials, the development of medical devices and equipment, and more have all made significant contributions to improving the health of people. From small innovations like adhesive bandages to more complex technologies like MRI machines, artificial organs, and robotic prosthetic limbs, technology has made huge impact on medicine.

Medical robotics is expected to change the way the healthcare sector is functioning, with its direct, indirect and tele-presence robotic patient care systems. From microbots that scrape plaque from arteries to personal assistant robots that help care for patients, medical robots are transforming the face of healthcare. Medical nanotechnology is expected to employ nanorobots that will be injected into the patient to perform work at a cellular level. One of the faster growing markets to adopt 3D printing technology is also the healthcare industry, and there have been amazing developments over the last few years in bioprinting, prosthesis manufacturing, biomimetic scaffolds and customized medical implants.

On the digital front, Human augmentation, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things, Data analytics and Virtual Reality are drastically transforming the healthcare services in terms of quality, quantity and the experience of patients. Ingestibles and internables bring forward the introduction of broadband-enabled digital tools that are eaten and smart-pills that use wireless technology to help monitor internal reactions to medications. Dermables, digital stickers for the skin open a vast range of possibilities. These technology trends can help with the shift from diagnosis and treatment to wellness and prevention.

Medical devices sector is expected to be one of the key beneficiaries of the Make in India campaign, the Medical Technology sector aims to become a manufacturing hub of global and domestic players. Indian medical devices industry currently valued at $1 Billion and it is expected to reach $ 6 Billion. The market for remote patient monitoring and telemedicine will grow to over $5 billion by the 2020.

But, the healthcare system is facing many challenges such as weak interoperability and coordination among the players in the industry, up-gradation of latest technologies and infrastructure. Identifying the opportunities and challenges of medical technology and reducing barriers, strengthening the positive points, planning and promoting the achievements of the health care systems will play a significant role in making India a leader in Healthcare sector.

Hence with this background, CII-APTDC propose to organize this conference to empower the Industry and to understand the challenges, solutions and opportunities to take giant steps adapting advanced technologies in making the country one of the top nation in Healthcare and Medical Technologies.


The one day conference aims to discuss and address the challenges and opportunities present in various technological fronts of healthcare. This program aims to discuss and address the key issues as per the need of healthcare sector. The objectives of the program will be to:

  • To discuss the state of the art technologies in healthcare
  • To understand the roadblocks in embracing technologies and transformation into business
  • To bring together industry experts, leading researchers and other stakeholders to exchange and share their experiences
  • To discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered
  • To demonstrate novel technologies and solutions adopted in healthcare sector


  • Redefining Diagnosis: Next Gen technologies in medical, clinical and genetic diagnostics
  • Holistic Healthcare: Advanced Medical technologies in surgical and therapeutic areas
  • Digital Health: Digital and disruptive technologies for Healthcare
  • Panel discussion on Investment Climate in Med-Tech: VC and Startup perspective



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For more details, Please Contact:


Andhra Pradesh Technology Development & Promotion Centre

Confederation of Indian Industry

Plot No.7, 2nd Floor, Regal House

Motilal Nehru Nagar, Begumpet


Tel: +91- 40 27765837  Fax : +91- 40 27765836

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