MEDICINAL MUSIC  HEALING MOVEMENT (Dance, Movement  Healing (DMH) subprogram)

MEDICINAL MUSIC HEALING MOVEMENT (Dance, Movement Healing (DMH) subprogram)


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    Normal Registration price is Rs. 825 for this 2 hour program. However you might have access to discount codes which you may use to reduce your ticket prize up to 50 percent depending on how soon you register. Please refer the event description where you found this link for discount codes.

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About The Event

If you feel stressed or depressed or lack of drive in day to day things, then this session might benefit you! Even if you area absolutely okay without any problems or stress, this session might still bring a positive experience to you. Let us agree that most people feel quite stressed at some point or the other living in a city like Mumbai. Some times it is good to give yourself, your body and your mind some importance to release stressed and heal it.

Serotonin as researchers say is the chemical in our body which is related to happiness and the feeling of well being. Imbalance of serotonin causes mood changes, depression and other negative effects. Certain kinds of music, dance and other elements help increase serotonin levels in our body and that is what we want to experience in this session. You don't have to be stressed or depressed to attend this session. The session regardless bring you a high in positive state of your mind and body compared to the condition you come in.

If you have attended a dance, movement healing session with me before, you wanna know that this session may have little similarities and also differences in many ways.


What do you need to bring for this session?
1) One piece of cloth of the color you best like from these: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, Turquoise, Blue, Violet, White. Usually a dupatta or 1 meter piece of cloth from garment store works best.

2) If possible dress in white clothes or the lightest color clothes you might have. Avoid wearing dark blue, black, dark grey or extremely bright colored clothes like red or orange. Wear comfortable clothing which is not too tight on your body. Avoid body tight clothing. Usually a t shirt, top, track pants, slacks, salwars, kurtas and similar work best.

3) Bring a bottle of scent/cologne/deo for yourself. You may already apply it but please bring a bottle with you for the session. We will need it during the session.

4) 1 -2 litres of water to drink

5) Please have a good meal before you come to the session, however avoid eating something very heavy. You don't wanna feel starved during the 4 hour session at all. We may have breaks for water or fluids but no breaks for food.


What you get out of this session?
Ans: You get to experience 2 hours of bliss. I can assure you that the state of your mind will completely change by the end of this session. No matter what state you come in; we will transform the state of your mind from this to nothingness and then to happiness.

You don't need to know any particular form of dancing to attend this session. You do not need to know how to dance. It is okay if you have never danced before.

We will use elements of contact improvisation, dance meditation, laughter, mind and movement, sound therapy, light therapy, NLP and and many others in this session to experience bliss, relaxation and healing.

The session is limited to 15 attendees. There is online registration and ticketing for it. If you are coming, please register online soon to reserve your spot. If you have questions, please reach me on 9820633374 (call or whatsapp).

Registration price is variable and will keep going up as we get closer to the session date and as more people keep registering! Sooner you register, lesser you contribute.

 If you have questions, reach me at 9820633374 (call or whatsapp)


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