MDP On Agile Project Management At CII-SNCEL

MDP On Agile Project Management At CII-SNCEL


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MDP On Agile Project Management

Agile promotes a move away from the traditional practice of creating and following a big, detailed up-front plan and design. Instead Agile emphasizes an approach of empowered team working, frequent and constructive cross-project feedback, responding to change and evolving the best, high quality solution. Consequently, to be successful, Agile project teams need to apply common skills openly and in challenging new ways, and Agile Project Managers need to adopt new approaches, to traditional skills and competencies – focused into short, measurable iteration cycles. This workshop focuses on the competencies and skills required to effectively manage the processes, people and technologies required for a successful Agile delivery. It covers all the leading Agile methods including Extreme Programming, Scrum, DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Method) Atern, the Agile/Open Unified Process and Lean Software Development. It also introduces ways to apply Agile practices successfully and ensure a sustainable transition, so that Agile becomes ‘Business as Usual’.

This workshop is intended for Managers and Team Leaders of Agile projects, together with team members and project support personnel who will benefit from an understanding of Agile Project Management best practice. The workshop also provides a detailed understanding of the practices involved for those responsible for transitioning their organisation to Agile.

Knowledge And Skills Gained From This Workshop:

* Develop higher quality complex software systems and products in reduced time using Agile practices
* Mitigate uncertainty and risk by applying Agile values and principles
* Apply the Scrum framework to meet the specific operational needs of your business
* Focus on continuous improvement through embedded learning in the workplace
* Adapt techniques to apply Scrum to large-scale and geographically-distributed projects
* Incrementally change the culture of the wider business to benefit from agile methods

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