Mcommerce - Introductory webinar

Mcommerce - Introductory webinar


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Incredible India

 The mobile subscriber base is estimated to be 500 million in India. The Indian mobile market is estimated to be over US$ 16 billion. About 8 million people currently use smart phones in India.

 It is no big surprise that mobile is all set to overcome other media like Radio, TV, internet and PCs. Why? Because only mobile can do the functions of the rest of devices!


Is there a future for you? 

The mobile landscape is constantly redefining itself all over the world. As the 2nd largest market in the global mobile industry, India is quickly paving way for mobile commerce. Mobile users are profiting by

 §  Shopping

§  Banking

§  Watching TV & movies

§  Connecting with social communities

§  Carrying personal information

§  Learning new skills

§  Researching for information

§  Expressing their opinions via SMS

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