Matrix 2015

Matrix 2015


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Matrix 2015

International Workshop on Deep Dive Enablement on Core Topics in Computer Science Engineering - Matrix 2015 is organized by Top Engineers Pvt Ltd, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


Topics to be covered:

Brief coverage on following topics and their applications in real time will be demonstrated. This will enhance the student’s ability in clearing technical interviews and opens gateway for carrying research programs.

• Ethical Hacking: system hacking, session hijacking, cryptography, sniffers, viruses and worms.
• Real time functions of OSI layers – Physical layer, data link layer, network layer, transport layer, session layer, presentation layer, and application layer.
• Modulation Techniques- Amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, and phase modulation.
• Multiplexing Techniques- Frequency division multiplexing, Time division multiplexing – Synchronous & asynchronous.
• Packet switching and circuit switching in real time
• Error detection & correction methods-types of errors, redundancy check, and humming codes, Flow control mechanisms.
• Routing Algorithms-shortest path, flooding, flow base routing, distance vector routing, link state routing, and hierarchical routing.
• IP addressing- version 4 and version 6, and sub netting.
• Transmission control protocol (TCP), User datagram protocol (UDP), and Socket programming commands.
• Operating system concepts-Critical section problem, semaphores, Readers writers problem, etc.
• Cryptography concepts – classical and modern methods and their applications in internet.
• Data translation and compression techniques – ANSCII, run-length encoding, Huffman coding, etc.
• Computer Architecture: Technologies of latest super computers.
• Real time demonstration of File transfer protocol (FTP) using Filezilla client/server.


Important Dates: 

Event dates: 29th August 2015

Last Dates for Registration: 26.08.2015


Registration Fees : RS.500/-


Contact Number: 

S.Prakash - 7401604915
B.Gokul- 9940172602
R.Mohan Raj – 880761776

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