Mastering Unix Command-line

Mastering Unix Command-line


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About The Event

Invented in early seventies, UNIX revolutionized the world of computing. The core unix principles of having "programs that do one thing and do it well" and "programs to work together" is considered to be the right way of doing things, even today. This hands-on workshop takes the participants a deep dive into the world of Unix and command-line.

Key Take Aways 

  • Using Unix command-line tools
  • Using one-liners to solve non-trivial problems
  • Automating common maintenance tasks
  • Running periodic Jobs
  • Managing remote servers
  • Problem solving - the Unix way 


  • Experience in some programming language
  • Exposure to Unix 

The Main Course 

Getting Around

Introduction to logging into a remote server, navigating though files and directories, finding what is running in the system.

The Unix Way

Introduction to the unix way of problem solving. Covers I/O redirection, building unix pipelines.

Power Tools

Introduction to wildcards and regular expressions. Using tools like grep, find, sed and awk.

More Automation:

Introduction to writing longer shell s, running background jobs, setting up tasks for periodic execution and parallel execution. 

Target Audience 

  • Developers
  • System Administrators
  • Aspiring DevOps Engineers

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