Mastering the Law of Attraction - The secret behind the secret

Mastering the Law of Attraction - The secret behind the secret


  • Matering the Law of Attraction - Mumbai

    The Secret Behind the Secret - ADMIT ONE ONLY

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About The Event



Master The Law of Attraction from ET NOW Award Winning Trainer - Tarun Ahuja with 15 years of experience and has changed the lives of more than 70,000 individuals. 



tarunTarun with Praladh Kakkar - Brand Academy Awards


What you will learn in the program:


  • The Secrets behind Law of Attraction Techniques that Work – What They Actually Do!

  • What many Law of Attraction teachers don’t teach about Law of Attraction, and is the most important thing

  • Learn the Principles and Essential Ingredients to YOUR Manifestations

  • How to find your Flow, and how you may be inadvertently blocking it

  • How to Make Law of Attraction Work for YOU!

  • Find the Love Within You, to Find the Love Around You

  • Processes and “Games” to Flow Money & Abundance

  • Get into Alignment with Your Goals, and Most Importantly – YOU!

  • Mapping Across Attracting everyday things, to Attracting “Big” things

  • Beliefs with which you block your Flow of Money and Abundance

  • "What if I think I have Unconscious Blocks?" – How to Deal with them

  • Get in Tune With Your Divinity and Your FLOW

  • Universal Source Energy and Your Physiological Wellbeing

  • Get into Alignment with your Dreams and Avoid “split energy”

  • Guidelines to Making Law of Attraction Techniques Work For You

  • The Underlying Patterns behind Law of Attraction Techniques

  • Understand the "Broader Perspective" of Law of Attraction

  • What you Want Already Exists – How to Get into Alignment With It!

  • Deal with Fear & Sabotage of Success

  • Identify and Deal with Internal & External 


Personal Two Days interaction with Brands Academy ET Now award winning trainer – Tarun Ahuja will guide you step by step in turning your dreams into reality.  



For Tarun Ahuja's interview on ET Now:

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Just like learning to ride a cycle you know what to do but until you practice it you will never learn to cycle. Similarly in this program you will practice using the law of attraction again and again till you master it. 

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