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QICPL (Quantum Infotrainers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd.) is a young & dynamic organisation. At the very core is its belief in Quality Commitment & Ethics. Ever since its inception on 5th Sept 2001 it bridged the gap between the requir

Mastering Global Business Cultures


  • Mastering Global Business Cultures

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About The Event


QICPL (Quantum Infotrainers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd.) is a young & dynamic organisation. At the very core is its belief in Quality Commitment & Ethics. Ever since its inception on 5th Sept 2001 it bridged the gap between the requirements of the industry and the curriculum of Educational Institutions

Quantum will be hosting a two days workshop on "Mastering Global Business Cultures” at Pune. The details of the workshop are as follows: 


This 2 days program designed exclusively for team members and project leaders.

It will introduce them to various skills, sub skills, techniques and strategies of communication.

In a rapidly expanding global marketplace, it is crucial to understand the economic benefits cultural awareness can bring.

Our engaging 'Business and Culture' course is aimed at progressive business professionals and HR staff who seek to better understand how culture impacts upon their roles and their business.

The course provides an introduction to and understanding of the cross cultural field, empowering participants to go back to their businesses with fresh perspectives.  We guide participants through the academic models of cross cultural understanding and apply them to real life situations - demonstrating how culture influences business relationships, practices and policies and providing strategies to using it positively.

On completion of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the skills, sub skills and etiquette required to communicate with customers and colleagues effectively in a business environment
  • Understand the relevance and implications of  the Styles of  communication 
  • Understand the aspects of Active Listening and Non Verbal Communication
  • Understand the basic rules and factors that influence written communication

Global Business Cultures Training Course

'Global Business Cultures' looks at some of the following areas:

  • The impact of cultural values on business norms, practices and behaviours.
  • Examples of the positive and negative manifestations of cross cultural differences
  • Cross Cultural Communication – history, meaning and relevance.

Our course aims to:

  • Elicit and examine the cross cultural experiences of participants.
  • Work through exercises that help highlight and identify where and when culture impacts business.
  • Leave the participants feeling confident in their ability to recognise and handle cross cultural issues in the workplace.
  • Introduce business personnel to the theoretical and practical dimensions of cross cultural communication

Our trail-blazing etiquette courses provide participants with:

  • A basic understanding of the culture, values and norms of the country they are dealing with.
  • A knowledge of the etiquette/protocol associated with areas such as meeting and greeting, dining, gift giving, exchanging business cards, arranging meetings and conducting negotiations.
  • Tips on how to increase their chances of success when doing business in/with that culture.

The results of our workshop training courses are that a participant will:

  • Have the confidence to get the needed results.
  • Enhance their image and reputation through presenting themselves appropriately.
  • Build stronger and longer lasting business relationships.

 Program Details

Understanding Culture

  • Introduction to culture
  • Awareness of cultural Differences East Vs. West, European Vs. Asian, US Vs. Indian, Latin American Cultures and Businesses.
  • Culture as an Iceberg

 Cultural Dimensions

  • Power Distance
  • Individualism/Collectivism
  • Masculinity /Feminity

 Frequently Faced Problems as seen by Clients/Customers

  • Communication
  • Time Lines  
  •  Priorities and Speed
  • Handling of Tickets

 Cross Culture Communication

  • High and Low Context Communication
  • Ways they differ
  • Direct Communication
  • Communicate effectively in a task Oriented Culture

 International Business Etiquettes            

  • Country Specific Etiquettes in Europe, Asia and the Americas with examples from USA, Japan, China, Germany, UK and Sweden.

Training Methodology and Process:

  • Group Exercises
  • Questionnaires
  • Simulations
  • Role Plays
  • Lectures when necessary

 Trainer’s Profile

Dr. Pratik Surana is a An ACTP Certified Coach, " International Academy of Professional Development Certified Multi Modal Coach with a score of 100%, A Motivational Speaker, Author, and Corporate Trainer with 19 Years of experience in Indian and Global Training and Coaching Markets.

Having earned Doctorate in Trainings, Being a writer for various leading news papers in India including Indian Express, Herald, Economic Times and many more, He has written several articles on Training and Development

He has recently authored another book called “Great Ideas That Will Keep You Stress-free & Relaxed At Work” after his previous book called “Cooldown Before You Burn Out!” that was one of the Best Seller Besides this, he has mentored many organizations and individuals in entrepreneurship development and has helped them to start up their own ventures. As a mentor for various upcoming enterprises, he is associated with prestigious organizations as TIE (The Indus Entrepreneur) and IIT (Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Mumbai and Kharagpur's ECell.)


Workshop Fees:
One Nomination: INR 6500/- per participant plus 12.36% service taxes
Two or more Nominations: INR 6000/- per participant plus 12.36% service taxes

(The above fees is inclusive of Lunch, Coffee/Tea , Course Material & Certificate)


Workshop Particulars:  

Location: Hotel Orbett, Apte Road, Pune
Dates:    July 26-27, 2013 (Fri & Sat)
Time:     9:30 a.m- 5:30 p.m 

For Registration and more details, please feel free to contact us.

Quantum Infotrainers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd.,
Plot no. 2,Next to Hotel Sarjaa,Baner ITI Road,
Tel.: +912025887774/5/6

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