Corporate Lifecycle Workshop - Mumbai

Corporate Lifecycle Workshop - Mumbai


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About The Event

Are you experiencing

  • Problems handling an accelerating rate of change
  • Conflict between key stakeholders

…and your organization is

  • Disruptions & paralysis caused by internal politics with new professional managers in conflict with the old guard loyalists
  • Lack of control due to accelerated growth


Participants will learn the cornerstones of the Adizes Methodology. These include powerful concepts such as... the Adizes Corporate Lifecycle… the “Normal”, “Abnormal” & “Fatal” problems… the Functions of Management… How this shifts from one stage of Lifecycle to the next.

These and other key knowledge points will equip you with the tools needed to move your management capability forward, and perform at much higher levels.


This workshop is designed for CEOs, VPs, Sr. Management professionals, Managers, or Team Leaders who needs simple, effective tools for managing change.


This highly interactive live workshop is designed for leaders who are responsible for facilitating organisational change for effective growth. Delegates will be challenged to adopt new modes of thinking towards management and its practical approach.

They will understand the 10 stages of the Organization Lifecycle and discriminate the unique "normal" and "abnormal" challenges of each stage and allow them to apply appropriate interventions to successfully navigate lifecycle transitions in their own organization to PRIME.

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