Book Online Tickets for Master Your Mind - THE NLP FOUNDATION PR, Mumbai. How would you like to take charge and experience your Life from a whole new level of EMPOWERMENT, FUN AND CURIOSITY?
Our 2-day NLP Foundation program - \\\'Master Your Mind\\\' is designed to provide you with the experience and l

Master Your Mind - THE NLP FOUNDATION PROGRAM at Mumbai


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About The Event

How would you like to take charge and experience your Life from a whole new level of EMPOWERMENT, FUN AND CURIOSITY?

Our 2-day NLP Foundation program - 'Master Your Mind' is designed to provide you with the experience and learning to do exactly that. The fact that you are on this page reflects that you want to know more. So go for it and read on…


Neuro Linguistic Programming is the Art and Science of Human Excellence —excellence in your behavior, excellence in your communication and excellence in your Life. NLP models the structure of how we as human beings learn habits naturally and provides you with the attitudes and skills to adopt new habits of excellence, change behaviors or eliminate unwanted behaviors at an accelerated pace. Also, learning NLP allows you to clearly see the patterns in your behavior, listen to how you communicate with yourself and others, manage how you feel and perform at your highest standards. Over the years NLP has grown in scope and application in areas as diverse as Coaching, Performance, Leadership, Business, Health, Marketing, Sales, Sports, Wellness, Strategy and so on…


NLP allows you to:

  1. Enhance your Competence & Confidence in different spheres of life
  2. Study, Imbibe and Demonstrate the patterns of Human Excellence
  3. Understand how You Think, Feel and Act
  4. Manage your emotional state: eliminate unwanted fears & habits
  5. Instantly access powerful states of resourcefulness
  6. Use Language artfully and with more precision
  7. Use both your verbal and non-verbal communication powerfully
  8. Become an Excellent Communicator, Influencer and Leader
  9. Enhance your ability to connect with people and hence build stronger relationships
  10. Develop any skill at an Accelerated pace
  11. Develop your abilities to Relax, Focus and Be Creative
  12. Make precise changes in the way you think, feel and behave to enhance the quality of your life
  13. Take control of your life and create what you want
  14. Achieve any Goals / Outcomes you may have
  15. Build behaviors, Habits and abilities that support you in living a fulfilling Life
  16. Develop a sense of Freedom and Adventure about life

and much, much more....


With all these factors in our awareness the "NLP Foundation" program is structured such that from the get-go you learn the most essential skills and principles to apply in your everyday life. The mix of concepts, activities, examples, reviews n breaks have been carefully balanced to create the most suitable environment for learning, sharing, experiencing and discussing.



This workshop is for Individuals who are sincerely Committed to Achieve, Maintain and Enhance professional &/or personal Excellence to enrich their experience of Life.

Our participants generally include NLP enthusiasts, Students, Teachers, Trainers, Executives, Business People, Doctors, Designers, Homemakers, Consultants, Performance Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Managers and Professionals from the domains of HR, Management, Software, Sales & Marketing, Public Relations, Customer Relations, Engineering, Education... 



  1. Experience and Learn the Fundamentals of NLP
  2. Learn practical applications of NLP in everyday life
  3. Build your ability to Be aware of your habitual patterns of thought, behaviour and Communication and learn how you can use them to your benefit
  4. Learn tools and techniques to remove unnecessary fears and unwanted habits & behaviours
  5. Developing and Mastering New habits which support your Excellence
  6. Learn to create Compelling and Achievable Goals / Outcomes
  7. Learn how you can work with your emotions, lead yourself into empowering states and hence perform better each time
  8. Gain ‘Instant Confidence’ and motivation in different aspects of Life
  9. Turn limiting beliefs to empowering ones
  10. Learn fundamental empowering beliefs which all successful people demonstrate
  11. Develop the ability to instantly connect and create rapport with people
  12. Identify how you communicate and how that influences you and people around you
  13. Learn to Communicate even more Powerfully
  14. Appreciate different ways of being in the world and developing flexibility and creative thinking
  15. Create better working and more satisfying emotional relationships
  16. Experience living with the attitudes and skills which support your Excellence
  17. Discover your true potential


We are dedicated to making your Learning a Joyful, Meaningful and Effective Process.

There is no substitute for experience. So go for it and

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