Book Online Tickets for Master Your Life  Journey., NewDelhi. Try to remember yourself 20 years ago, 10 years ago, or even just last year... Are you a completely different person than you used to be? What parts of you have changed? What has remained the same? Aging is a natural thing, an uns

Master Your Life Journey.


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About The Event

Try to remember yourself 20 years ago, 10 years ago, or even just last year... 

Are you a completely different person than you used to be? 

What parts of you have changed? 

What has remained the same? 

Aging is a natural thing, an unstoppable destiny... 

But the key is that we continue to grow, mature and evolve as we age. 

Now, it's totally normal that we tend to focus the majority of our attention on the external world, the material things we're trying obtain, and our relationships with others...

But the truth is, the development of self into the person we want to be is actually the most important thing we can put our energy and attention towards.

Once we achieve a real connection to our authentic self and realize our true purpose, all the external achievements will follow anyway.

The Workshop will provide a place for individuals to learn and explore a variety of healing modalities through wellness workshops and interactive sessions with internationally renowned spiritual seeker and healer. All activities and events are specially designed to offer highly efficient and precise 'hands on' tools to help participants and their family and friends to re-balance the energies so as to find relief from physical, psychosomatic and emotional stress.

Join us for a week end of celebration of Health, Wealth and Happiness and experience the following:

Mind and Body therapy
Kundalini Yoga
Nature Walks
Fitness Centre

Divine Communications :
Past Life Exploration
Dowsing and Divine Journeys
Psychic Readings from The Heart 

Empowering Transformations:
The Inner Goddess
Body Mind Intelligence
Emotional Freedom Therapies 
Neuro Linguistic Therapies.
Ho√䬼oponopono and Forgiveness
Bach Flowers Remedies

Guidance from Beyond:
Angel Therapy
Reiki & Crystal Healing 
Chakra Cleansing

Health and Nutrition:
De-tox Meal plan
Ayurveda Remedies for Health & Wellbeing 

Ancient Wisdom:
Mantra Chanting & Meditation
Rebirthing and more ….


The following will benefit greatly from the program:
- Every Person in Life & Organisation.
- HR Personnel.
- Entrepreneurs, HODs, Senior Leaders, VPs, Directors etc.
- Managers and employees seeking specific tools with which to coach their employees and/or peers.
- All individuals who wish to learn some self-coaching techniques for greater personal success: 
salespeople, employees at all levels, parents and so on.
- Anyone interested in knowing about Holistic Therapies as a profession.

Applications of Workshop
Master in Workplace/Life
Improve the quality of daily conversations 
Master the simple conversations that build confidence
Know when to communicate and when to be silent
How to Ask Powerful, Probing and Response Eliciting questions
3 key steps to become a high-performance leader/manager

How to Master Your Life Journey
Benefits of becoming a Master

Dr. Arvinder Kaur is a professional Success coach with 100s of hours of experience of coaching people from all walks of life. With a 25+ years of career spanning sales, marketing, business management & entrepreneurship, her knowledge and experience in field of Wellness, Holistic Therapies, finance, Information Technology, Internet and web based services brings richness and diversity to her offerings to her clients.

A graduate in Ayurveda & Master in Psychology from Kurukshetra University, Dr. Arvinder Kaur is the CEO of Divine Spirits Organisation – a premier Training and Coaching company offering technical training programs as well as coaching- training & services to individuals and the corporate. 

As A Doctor and a life coach, she helps people improve the performance and quality of life. She has helped number of people find peace, success, clarity, focus and growth. She has been fortunate to be exposed to 3-4 different International schools of coaching and uses holistic approach in her training and coaching sessions. She is a Certified Reiki Grandmaster, Crystal & Aroma Therapist, Feng Shui & Vaastu Therapist, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Basch Flower Therapist, Colour Therapist. She is also Certified EFT, Matrix Re-Imprinting & NLP Practitioner and Breakthrough Coach with Timeline Technology Practitioner & Hypnotherapy Practitioner as per the standards of The American Board of Hypnotherapy.

She enjoys mentoring the people looking at Life Journey for a profession or as an additional skill set for any achievement in life whether financial, personal or career. 

This program is primarily focused on three aspects- 
What are Tools for Mastering Your Life Journey – You learn about tools from basics, how result is delivered, experience tools/healing practices-first hand, learn and practice 2 Master Tools techniques. 
Application of Workshop tools – You learn the benefits of Modalities and their results. Application of Master Tools in day to day life in workplace and otherwise, process of implementing Master Tools in an organization etc.
Benefits of becoming a Holistic Practitioner & Coach. You learn the process of becoming a Holistic Practitioner & coach, its benefits from personal, professional and organization perspective.

Dates :
15th, 16th & 17th May 2014, Delhi

Fee Structure:
Fee for Participants @ Rs.19500/- per participant 
Payment : In favour of Dr. Arvinder Kaur Payable at New Delhi. The A/C details can be taken on phone No. : 9910781190.

Timings : 
9.00 AM - 6.00 PM ( Includes Lunch & 2 Tea Breaks )

Registration is available of first-cum-first serve basis. 
and/or send us your confirmation at

Note :In addition to this workshop, We offer a 3-day in-house coaching program to introduce coaching culture in oragnisations. Please contact us to know more.

Its Non Residential Event. Outstation Candidates have to make their own arrangement for stay.

For further details and registrations:
DrArvinder Kaur : 09910781190


Note :In addition to this workshop, We offer a 3-day in-house coaching program to introduce coaching culture in oragnisations & also we take one is to one Coaching Program too. Please contact us to know more.

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