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Master Your Life


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About The Event


Do you feel stuck? 
Not able to rise to your next level, in Relationships, Finance or Health?
Are you willing to write a new chapter in your life?
Sidra Jafri is an intuitive healer, medium and Awakening Facilitator. 
Her gifts go beyond the five senses with which she facilitates people to shift issues that create an undercurrent in their lives. She helps transform people's outdated core programming and the beliefs in their lives that have been trapping them in areas such as wealth, relationships and wellbeing.
We invite you to a weekend of healing by engaging yourself in the experiential processes and techniques taught by Sidra Jafri to heal your relationships, wealth and health. It is a journey into the mental, emotional and spiritual undercurrents in your life that hold you back from aligning yourself with who you truly are.
Going through this experience through out the weekend you will:
- Heal the wounds that block your ability to live your life fully
- Release the imprints of the past that stop you from living in the present 
- Clear that feeling of loneliness 
- Improve your financial situation
- Heal from your heartbreaks
-Learn how to Find your Soulmate  
- Rediscover your inner wisdom 
- Open up and allow your intuition to guide you


Terms & Conditions


  1. Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded or upgraded.
  2. We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior at the venue to pick up your physical tickets.
  3. Please carry your valid Photo ID (Driving License, PAN Card, Passport, Aadhar Card) for verification purposes.
  4. No re-entry is allowed during the entire duration of the event.
  5. No refund on a purchased ticket is possible, even in case of any rescheduling.
  6. Organizers or any of its agent, officers, and employees shall not be responsible for any injury, damage, theft, losses or cost suffered at or as a result of the event of any part of it.
  7. Parking near or at the premises is at the risk of the vehicle owner. Organizers will not hold responsibility for any damage or theft of any vehicles within the stipulated parking premises of the.
  8. Rights of admission reserved, even to valid ticket holders.
  9. Organizers are not responsible for any negative effects of food items or drinks consumed in the venue by guests;
  10. The holder of this ticket hereby grants organizers the right to use, in perpetuity, all or any part of the recording of any tape made of holder`s appearance on any channel for broadcast in any and all media globally and for advertising, publicity and promotion relating hereto.

The organizers reserve the right without refund or other recourse, to refuse admission to anyone who is found to be in breach of these terms and conditions including, if necessary, ejecting the holder/s of the ticket from the venue after they have entered the venue.

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