Master Trainer Certification

Master Trainer Certification


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About The Event

 The Master Trainer Certification workshop is one of Bodhih’s more elite programs that has been used internally to move experienced trainers to a level of mastery over training as a domain in itself. Many of the master trainers that Bodhih has created have in turn trained and certified trainers in various domains to ensure training effectiveness and organizational and personal growth.




  • Move From Being A Trainer To Being A Specialist
  • Gain A Master Trainer Certification That Has Credibility And Ensures Competency
  • Shift Into The Upper Crust of Trainers
  • Seasoned Trainers And Facilitators With A Consulting Edge
  • Learn Nouveau, Instaed of Passe Technique
  • Experience A Workshop That Is The Outcome Of Exhaustive Research
  • Strengthen Your Training Fundamentals
  • Develop The Qualities Of The World’s Leading Personal Development Icons
  • Benefit From The Insights of Various Disciplines
  • Start Providing Solutions And Producing Results




Location : Bangalore


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Call : 9900011603


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