Book Online Tickets for Master Class on Mergers and Acquisitions, NewDelhi. About The MasterclassOne of our recent study shows that for every company that is listed on the stock exchange through the IPO, there are up-to 5 companies which are acquired! Strategically good acquitions provide buyers with new products and of

Master Class on Mergers and Acquisitions @ New Delhi


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About The Event

About The Masterclass

One of our recent study shows that for every company that is listed on the stock exchange through the IPO, there are up-to 5 companies which are acquired! 

Strategically good acquitions provide buyers with new products and offerings; at the same time the acquired firm gets much needed liquidity at lesser risk and dilution. No wonder Mergers  and Acquisitions (M&A) have often been used as a strategic weapon by both sellers and buyers to enhance the firm's leverage in the marketplace. In a nutshell, a solid M&A strategy helps a firm gain competitive advantage and creates value for shareholders.

This Smart Wave Centre for Business Excellence Master Class on Mergers and Acquisitions will provide you with an intensive overview of the core principles and practices of  deal making. You will gain a greater appreciation of 'M&A pitfalls' as well as a thorough understanding of the crucial factors that have an impact on target identification,  motivations of the parties involved, risk  evaluation and allocation, structuring a deal, conducting due diligence from legal, operational and commercial view points, choice of financing methods for mergers and acquisitions and lessons from the past.

Participant's Benefits

This 2-day workshop will provide participants with an enhanced understanding of the financing and structuring of M&A transactions. Some of the key focus areas are: 

Strategic evaluation of a M&A deal Valuation of target company

Structuring a deal and making preliminary offer 

Negotiating a deal

Unraveling the complexities of due diligence – legal

Operational and financial

Financing M&A transactions including leveraging

Who Should Attend

All professionals involved in the strategic growth of a firm including finance, strategy and business development departments from Government (PPP formulators), Private sector, Financial Institutions,  Consulting and Advisory firms. Typically, HODs of  Strategy, Finance, Deal makers, M&A Teams, Investment Bankers, Private Equity Investors, M&A Lawyers, Accountants, etc are expected. 

Lead Faculty

Gagan Bakshi: Director (M&A), InterGlobe and former Vice President, Credit Suisse at London and New York

Sanjeeva Shivesh: Managing Director, Smart Wave and former Executive Director, FIRE Capital Fund and Management Consultant with Booz & Co, London


Explore different value creating logics for M&A and its role in your firm's corporate strategy and look at developing an acquisition strategy.

Case study: Participants identify reasons for failure of some M&A deals 

KEY STEPS IN M&A DEAL MAKING - Explaining the process of deal making - strategic alignment, target identification, screening, transaction management, key players etc. 


Modeling for M&A Deals – From Financial Statements to onground view and normalization of numbers, Standalone valuation on DCF basis, Beta and Cost of Capital, Peer group analysis, Developing Synergy Models, Key adjustments, Case Exercise - Modeling for a ITES acquisition


Explanation of Term Sheet – conditions precedent, roles, responsibilities, rights and obligations, financial obligations of parties, exits, dispute resolution, confidentiality enforceability Case Exercise: Developing a term sheet for Solar Energy deal


Concepts of deal negotiation, negotiating low hanging fruits, developing negotiation plan based on interests and options. Case study: Working in groups, participants negotiate a deal for highway concession

DUE DILIGENCE – LEGAL PERSPECTIVES Reviewing significant contracts, statutory compliances, litigations and claims, legal hurdles, regulatory consents, intellectual property rights, indemnities, warranties, tax issues, cross border issues. Case studies from various sectors to be discussed

Synergies in operations, management structure, Work practices, Commercial aspects, HR aspects – benefits and growth alignment, Cultural aspects. Case studies from various sectors to be discussed

Paying the acquisition with Cash or Shares or a combination of both, leveraged buyouts, earn-outs, equity bridge finance, impact on capital structure.

Exercise: Working in groups, participants work out a financing structure for an Oil and Gas deal. 

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