Master Class on Business Valuation by Amity Center of Private Equity & Venture Capital

Master Class on Business Valuation by Amity Center of Private Equity & Venture Capital


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About The Event

Ever wondered while buying a stock, if you
are underpaying or overpaying for it !!!


There are many methodologies that a valuer may use to arrive at a fair value. The Value of a Businesswould also differ from the point of view of the buyer and that of the seller, depending on the vision,strategy and future projections made by each of them independently. A clear understanding of thepurpose for which the valuation is being attempted is very important aspect to be kept in mind beforecommencement of the valuation exercise. The structure of the transactions also plays very importantrole in determining the value. The Master Class will cover all these aspects of valuation from a layman’spoint of view.


- Why should you attend?

Through examples and cases, you will acquire a deeper understanding of the principles andfundamentals of each approach to valuation, together with limitations and caveats on the use of each.To get an insight to value any kind of firm in any market, using discounted cash flow models, multiplesand comparable firms.

  Topics to be covered:

- Various Methodologies of Business Valuation
- Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

- Comparable Company Analysis

- Precedent Transaction Analysis
- Net Asset Value & Adjusted Present Value

- Loose Ends in Valuation

- Methods used by M&A Bankers, Private Equity Investors & Hedge
- Fund Investors
- Besides numbers, what do each of the above investors care about?

- What does the due diligence process look like for each of the investors above?


Who should attend?

- Private equity and venture capital fund managers

- CEO/CFOs of small and mid-sized businesses

- Investment Bankers, Financial Consultants, Research Professionals,      Lawyers, FinanceProfessionals, Certified Financial Analysts.

- Chartered Accountants  

- Entrepreneurs

- Corporate financial officers

- Portfolio Managers

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