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Master an Art of Selling skills


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                                                         Program  Overview

Many sales people fall into the trap of talking too much. They just can't wait to tell customers all about the features or benefits their product/service will bring or how great their company is without first understanding the needs and desires of the customer which is not the best approach to selling.

This customized extensive sales training program will guide participants towards uncovering the "Right" skill set, a professional sales person should possess. From controlling conversations with customers to asking the right questions to uncover customer's needs, this program will enhance sales staff's ability to connect better with customers, overcome objections and close the sale confidently and effectively delivering commercial and sales objectives.


                                                  Program Outline


Module 1: Market Positioning

  • Get familiar with your competition and discover the existing players
  • Segment the customers and analyze Industries trends
  • Gain techniques to position your products
  • And multi-directional view of the Market scenario with SWOT

Module 2: Prospecting (Qualifying the leads)

  • Choose the best prospecting methods to fill your Pipeline.
  • Implement the  proven technique  to narrow down to  the right prospect
  • Know  the customers  buying objective ( rational/emotional)
  • Learn the proven techniques to uncover the buyers current situation.

Module 3: Probing or Questioning

  • Develop powerful questions to get the information you need
  • Create interest by describing what the customer can expect from your solution
  • Differentiate types of customers and know their Aspirations and Afflictions
  • Questions enable you to paint a picture for the buyer of where they want to be and how working with you can get them there

Module 4: Sales Presentation

  • Robust content for impressive first sales pitch
  • Mast an art of injecting appropriate words and phrases in the sales conversation
  • Get ready for first sales meet
  • Implement methods for post sales call analysis that exhibits real picture

Module 5: Objections Handling

  • Learn how Objections can be avoided before they arise and nip in the bud
  • Differentiate the intent of Objections( genuine/intentional)
  • Know the most common type objections
  • 360 degree Approach to handle objections

Module 6: Account Mapping (B2B)

·      Robust Business Plan Framework for a Strategic Accounts

  • Explore Formal Roles in the Buying  Process
  • Factors that influence Decision Orientation
  • Call / Visit Analysis to unfold the clear picture
  • Learn the steps to Assess Opportunity

Module 7:  Sales Rep. Etiquettes

  • Adopt the appropriate grooming to emerge  professional
  • Learn the right posture and body language for stand out image
  • Know the nuances of voice tone and Modulation to sound proficient
  • Discover the magic of appreciating the customer at the right time

Module 8: Image Building

  • Implement Assertive approach for healthy conversation
  • Essential Inter-personal skills to foster excellent relationship
  • Learn the techniques to build rapport for seamless closure

Module 9: Safe Sales

  • Do's and donts of Sales cycle
  • 3 common mistakes
  • Pros and cons of rigorous and / or soft Follow ups


                                                                 Who is this for


  • Self-employed professionals
  • Service providers
  • Consultants,
  • Sales Managers
  • Aspiring Sales Professionals
  • Freelancers, Coaches and trainers



  • Basic Communications skills



                                                             TRAINING METHODS


  • Each topic is accompanied by practical tasks, their discussion and real-life examples, and Case-study.


Note- Its an online  interactive session. Date and time can be  fixed as per the convenient.

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Aryan Pandit is an Avid Sales Coach and trainer. I assist entrepreneurs, Sales executives and managers, start-ups, individuals and Aspiring ones who want to build their carrier in Sales field. I bridge the gap between where they are and where they need to be. I work with them to diagnose issues, workout road-maps and offer customized solutions. 

My sessions are scientifically sound, relevant and metaphysical messages in a powerful, humorous and insightful manner integrated with high energy. The content of the workshops are designed in a Human psychological and Logical flow that makes it highly Interactive and engaging.

I have a privilege to Successfully drive over 300+ workshops touching lives of over 20,000 participants. I am proud to have transformed individual performances through my workshops, events, and personal coaching.

Key Areas
Basic selling skills, Negotiation Skills Prospecting, Key account Management, Selling with Emotional Intelligence, Inside Sales (Selling over the phone),Coaching & Mentoring, Sales Management (for Managers), Customer Service ,Persuasive Sales Presentation, Business Communication and Objections handling.

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