MANTHAN Ancient Spiritual Wisdom Presents PRATHAMADHYAY

MANTHAN Ancient Spiritual Wisdom Presents PRATHAMADHYAY


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About The Event


We are brought up by the parent who has a certain set of values, ideologies too. We take all that from them. 

We interact with our environment, society, and pick up a lot of things. Then we form our so-called value system and claim - it’s ‘my’ believe, my values.

Now, I ask you, - Who is living? You or society through you? Is this not a borrowed life? Life with crutches? Where is the originality?

Don’t you know that the giver also has the power to take away? What happens if all that has been given to you (name, fame, prestige, power, position etc) by society is taken away?

Somewhere within, we know, and that is why we live in constant fear and stress. Fear of losing, fear of uncertainty.

But fear and stress is not the way of life. Life is happening all around. And we keep missing.

Join us, to take a step towards understanding yourself, towards discovering yourself, towards living.




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