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\" Hydourite Manoranjan Tax free - A Theater play\"


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About The Event

As part of our "Hydourite 2012" festival celebrating the spirit of Hyderabad, “Manoranjan Tax-free”, a comedy play will be held on 23rd June 2012, 7 pm, at NIFT Auditorium, Madhapur.

What if you wake up tomorrow - BLIND? Would you still find life as enjoyable? Would you still enjoy the company of your family, friends and foes? What would you do for entertainment?

The play “Manoranjan Tax Free” peeps into the Dark world of four blind men, who brighten their lives with sheer imagination. Throwing popular notions of helplessness and pity to the winds, these men have more manoranjan than the Sighted! No white cane. No dark goggles. And definitely no hamdardi. These men live by only one motto: “ have good fun with simple imagination!”




Hyderabad and its people are a true representation of each other – lively, warm, hospitable, friendly and keen to enjoy life at its own pace.Hydouritecelebrates this very spirit of Hyderabad, by providing opportunities to come together in the form of events, exhibitions, shows and a host of other activities.Hydourite – ‘Our Hyderabad, Our Favourite’ – Celebrating the spirit of Hyderabad!

Hydourite 2012 presents itself as ‘100 Days of Celebrations’. During this season, Hydourite will create, present and facilitate various kinds of events woven around the spirit of Hyderabad, from time to time.


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