Manifest Love Health Wealth for Optimal Living

Manifest Love Health Wealth for Optimal Living


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About The Event

Manifest Love Health Wealth for Optimal Living

The Course 

  1. What is Law of Attraction and how to apply in your life? 

  2. What is Emotional Guidance System and how to use it? 

  3. What is the Art of Allowing and how to master this Art? 

  4. What is Creative Visualization and how to use it? 

  5. What are Affirmations and how to use them? 

  6. What are beliefs and how to breakthrough negative beliefs and generate powerful positive beliefs? 

  7. What is Alpha Mind waves and how to reach it on a daily basis? 

  8. What are the benefits of Alpha Mind control? 


More Focus, Getting over Past, Creating a better future, Stress-free relaxed and positive mind state, Greater Confidence, Emotional Mastery, Better Performance at Work or Studies, Higher Productivity, Greater sense of Well-being and state of happiness, Greater ability to resolve Conflicts, More power in authentic communication.

Topics Covered

  1. Law of Attraction 

  2. Affirmation 

  3. Gratitude way to Happiness 

  4. Meditation 

  5. Creative Visualization 

  6. Energy Balancing 

  7. Releasing Old Patterns & Limiting Beliefs 

  8. & Much More...

What the workshop will include:

  1. 1 day workshop

  2. Tea time Snacks( No lunch)

  3. Workbook

  4. Powerful iempowered Meditations on pen drive

  5. LOA movies on pen drive (please bring a 8 gb pen drive on the day or in your follow up session)  

  6. One Free one on one  Follow up session with us!!!




hi,  Ankur

it was amazing experince i had in Iempowered workshop. Even though i had attended several workshops on personality development&meditatations the insight i gained in ur workshop was entirely different. now i can go in to alpha state within 2to3min&feel that peace,joy,calmness&tranquility.I am connected to the source easily, things are happening effortlesly,wanted things are attracted &I CAN see the beneficial results. I am practically experiencing law of attraction working in everyday life . So lot of stress is reduced. I am feeling the gratitude for what all i am receiving &appreciating the gifts, living life in wonder&bliss.  I am grateful to you & suresh for this. Expecting a advanced course on deep meditations                                             

 With heartfelt thanks    

Dr karuneshkumar H S       


Hi Ankur Ji,

The I- empower workshop was really good! especially the centering Meditation technique is really amazing. Every time i practice it,  i feel myself expanded, relaxed,  emotionally harmonized. As i go through the instruction i feel myself instrumental and thankful to God for his amazing creation and ultimately feel oneness his every creation. The important and amazing  thing  for me is the day i practice i feel myself integrated,creative, the situations i used to perceive as stressful its become very simple to handle and no more a stressful condition. I feel practicing the meditation technique as a journey towards integration and a  journey towards contentment, a journey towards silence; a journey towards light; a journey towards wisdom.

Thanks and regards

SatyaPrakash (Indusschool)

Ankur Rupani

Success Coach and Founder iempowered (

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