Manifest Love And Beautiful Relationships In Life With Angels

Manifest Love And Beautiful Relationships In Life With Angels


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About The Event

Being in love and relationships with others is part of the divine plan. God gifted you with family, friends, co-workers and lovers so you could experience many different experience many different expressions of love. 

God sent you some relationships to help you grow in love, others to teach you about love, and some so you could let go in love. God knew that some relationships would be joyful and easy and others would be challenging and heart breaking. He sent the angels to assist you in both good times and bad.

Highlights of the workshop:

How to find true love and improve relationships?
How to find your soulmate?
How to re-ignite love in existing partnership?
How to create loving relationships?
How to bring harmony in relationships?
How to make new friends?
How to repair a relationship?
How to enhance relationships with family members?
How to create co-operative and harmonious relationships at work?
How to heal yourself after a break-up or divorce?

Workshop Includes:

1. Aura cleansing of any dark energies, evil eye and spells.
2. Disconnecting from Past life vows, curses, of celibacy, no family.
3. Removal of negative thoughts and feelings.
4. Programming of the mind for the love life you deserve.
5. How to set up Altar for Angels and prayers.
6. How to invite angels into your home.
7. Angelic Blessings

About the facilitator: Ms. Seema Bhardwaj is a Holistic Abundance Trainer and Vastu Consultant based in South Delhi. She started her healing journey 15 years back. She loves to inspire and empower people through spiritual counseling. She firmly believes, all of us go through problems, as a part of our Karmic lessons and soul purpose. She believes that we are on a beautiful journey to experience joy and bliss. As we align our inner being to the infinite source of Love and Light.

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