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Manali, nestled on the foot of the giant Rohtang Jot (Mound Of Skulls) & on the bank of the Beas river, is an evergreen area with Pine & Deodar Trees surrounding the town. We will star

Manali to Leh Cycling Ride


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About The Event

Day 1 : 27th Aug : Manali - Marrhi Nallah- 40 Kms.


Manali, nestled on the foot of the giant Rohtang Jot (Mound Of Skulls) & on the bank of the Beas river, is an evergreen area with Pine & Deodar Trees surrounding the town. We will start early and cross the Beas river over Manali town bridge in the middle of the market & proceed to Palchan the Army Check post. The Beas river flows on the left side of the road. Passing through a small Hamlet town we take the first set of hairpin bends on the Serpentine road on the road to Rohtang. Be prepared to a total contrast in weather from the partly sunny Manali. There will be fog and mild rain. O/Nt Marhhi in Camp.


Day 2 : 28th Aug : Marrhi - Rohtang - Koksar - Sissu - Gondla - 70 Kms


The 17 Kms to Rohtang jot is all ascend. After a welcome cup of tea in one of the little Parachute cafes on the Pass ride downhill till Koksar bridge. If the weather is clear there are some scenic views of snow- covered peaks & Glaciers in the far horizon. As we descend there is change in vegetation, the tree line seems to be getting away from us making way for small bushes. We are in the foothills of the Pir Panjal range. After crossing the check post follow the river flow till Tandi. At certain points we will abandon the bank, climbing uphill but we will be moving more or less along the river. In case the sun is out weather can be warm & Humid, but the nights will be cold being on the riverbank & open area. We will encounter some unmetalledstretches of road today after Koksar till Gondla, & cross a few mountain streams flowing over the road. O/Nt Camp.


Day 3 : 29th Aug : Tandi - Keylong - Gemur - Jispa - Darcha - 45 Kms.


At the confluence point of River Chandra & Bhaga cross the bridge & proceed uphill to Keylong town. Enroute is Gemur as we ascend the serpentine road into a gorge. Ahead lies the Jispahamlet town as we come out of the gorge & descend downhill. The Ibex hotel at Jispa is the last comfortable hotel till we reach Leh town. It's again a green belt for sometime where you will see many shepherds and their sheep scattered on the hillsides. We are almost in the Land of Lamas now. Infact Keylong does support a small Gompa. After crossing Jispa one is definitely in an isolated
region & in far horizon you can distinctively see the bareness of the Higher Himalayan ranges. O/nt camping at Darcha.


Day 4 : 30th Aug : Darcha - Patseo - Baralacha La - Bharatpur - 55 Kms.


Darcha can be considered the gateway to the Higher Himalayas as we cross the bridge & proceed on the hairpin bends uphill. Now it is going to be all ascend till we come to the cantonment area of military garrison of Himmatnagar, Appx - 20 Kms ahead. For next 10 Kms we are into the flat area & then down hairpin bends of Patseo & Zing Zing Bar as we move into the harsh terrain of the arid mountains. The sun suddenly seems hotter than before and the atmospheric pressure make the ride today a bit more challenging. But there are little signs painted in yellow on the rocks - When the going gets tough the Tough get going! - boosting our Spirits as we ascend the heights of the Baralacha Pass - 4892 M
& Suraj Tal Lake. The Icy blue water & the origin of the river at the top of the bend that brings us closer
to the Pass is a post for the road construction worker toiling hard everyday to maintain the roads as best as they can under the harsh conditions. It is time now for mountain river crossings. Twice we wi ll be in the middle of water. We will descend down to the gorge area of Bharatpur, a small make shift Tentageaccommodation area & night halt for the Truck drivers on their way with fresh supplies to the higher regions. O/Nt Camp.


Day 5 : 31st Aug : Bharatpur - Sarchu - 4253 M - Brandy Nallah - 35 Kms.


The Day starts with an easy ride on a flat road, downhill & then entering a gorge descending to the bridge connecting to the Sarchu Plateau. Cross over the bridge & we move ahead ascending a small uphill road making us move to the plateau area & now ahead lies another vast stretch flat ground with shepherds and their mountain goats. There are a number of features of arid landscapes with some beautiful scenery, a delight for photographers who are looking for high rise mountain ranges, bearing water marks & erosion of soil clearly indicating that the area was under water a few million years ago. The area is sparsely green, the wind is chilly & fast blowing here. We are at the Traffic Check post, which is the entry point into Ladakh. Another 20 Kms ahead on the base of the Gata loops hair pin bends we will camp for the night at Brandy Nallah. The road though metalled is very bumpy with flat stretches of barren land on both sides.


Day 6: 1st Sep : Brandy Nallah - Gata loops - Naki la - Lachungla - Pang - 57 Kms.



After an easy day yesterday we now move to scale the Gata loops, 23 hairpin bends bringing us top of the mountain feature. We ride up hill, over an easy slope only to cross the Naki La pass, descend down into the gorge to an isolated military garrison area & then ascend again to the height of the Lachulung la

- 5065 M. After Naki La we are almost on an unmetalled stretch of gravelly road all the way inside the
gorge of Pang. O/Nt Camp.


Day 7: 2nd Sep: Pang - More Plains - Tanglangla (Base Camp) - 47 Kms .


Eight Kms uphill from the Bowl-like feature of Pang we come to the plateau area of the More plains. Changpas, the Nomadic people who tend their yaks here and a few wild asses are the only sign of life on this isolated and long road. This belt not only barren but is known for fast blowing winds, sandstorms & extreme temperatures in the early morning and evenings. Fresh stream water can be considered a scarcity in this area though you might find some isolated mountain streams flowing down
from the Tanglangla. The ride is easy going being a flat plateau area, but the road, which stretches on ahead, is not as smooth as it looks. There are tiny bumps all along! O/Nt Camp at the base of Tanglang La.


Day 8 : 3rd Sep :

Tanglangla - Rumtse - Gya - 50 Kms.

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  •  UseofPolytheneandPlastics is unhealthyfortheenvironment.
  • Carryawayallnon-degradable litter-emptybottles,tins,polythenebags etc.andthrowthemin municipaldustbins only, so thattheycanbedisposedproperly.
  • Observethesanctityofholysites.Incaseofanyofferings contact thestaffofthetemplecommittee only.
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  •  In casetemporarytoilets aresetupnearcampsites, afterdefecation, coverwithmudorsand.

Ensurethat thespotis at least 30mts.fromawatersource.





  • Taking awayofcuttings,seeds and roots is illegal.Allowthefloraandfaunatoflourishintheir naturalenvironment.
  •  Avoidusingpollutants,suchas detergents,instreams orsprings.
  •  Donotusewood as fueltocookfoodat thecampsiteanddonotdestroytheforestwealthofthe

Himalayas, which areourheritage.


  •  Donotleaveburnings cigarettes ormakeopenfires intheforest.
  •  Donottempt local childrenbyofferingthemfoodstufforsweets.
  • DonotlistentoRadios,TapeRecorders oranyotherelectronicentertainmentequipmentathigh volumetoavoidnoisepollution.
  •  Becareful inmaking relations, whiletravelingbyBus orTrains.




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