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 Is this Workshop for  You? Take This Quiz and Find Out!   * Find it  Difficult  to focus and concentrate ?* Do you find your forgetfulness is becoming more ?* You Fail to keep abreast of current events ?*

Managing Stress using Emotional Intelligence


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About The Event

EQ & Stress Management

Is this Workshop for You? Take This Quiz and Find Out!   

* Find it Difficult  to focus and concentrate ?

* Do you find your forgetfulness is becoming more ?

* You Fail to keep abreast of current events ?

* Find yourself Procrastinating few important stuff in spite of best intentions .

* Feeling of being overwhelmed with less or no intellectual relaxation

* Long time you have brought any new ideas or introduced any  innovations into your work Mind is often in a whirl
* Has your anger ever ruined your relationship in your workplace or  personal life?

* Do you find it hard to motivate yourself and keep going, when going gets tough?
* Do you spend time feeling hurt, angry, worried, anxious, inadequate, guilty?

* Are you at the point where even the smallest thing upsets you?

* Is your stress level high and feel yourself edgy many times in  a week?

If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions, this workshop is exactly what you need to bring confidence, stability, and control back into your life.

Stress is a major cause of ill health and loss of performance in the business world - the prevention and management of stress is a must-have skill.

Stress is a universal and naturally occurring phenomenon in humans. Recent epidemiological research indicates marked increases in stress-related diseases as a result of life styles saturated with excessive stress and chronic tension. Burnout, heart attacks, ulcers, decreased productivity, relational problems, depression, loneliness, and cynicism are frequent symptoms of chronic stress that adversely affect us personally, professionally, and physically.

While stress cannot be eliminated, we can learn to deal with it effectively to maximize our potential.

Managing emotions is an essential skill for finding happiness, boosting productivity and positioning yourself for career advancement and satisfaction. You have the power to control your emotions – you simply have to enroll in this workshop and we’ll show you how.

Most of us struggle with ongoing pressures and demands from our work, family, and personal life. How we interpret and perceive stress contributes to how we react to it. Some people view stress as positive or negative, but in reality it is an energy force that can enhance or break down our health and performance. In this course, participants will learn how stress works, understand their sources of stress and their potential strength in EQ (Emotional Quotient) through assessment, understand the effects of stress, develop coping strategies, and create an action plan to contribute to stress reduction and improve productivity.

Course objectives:

    * Recognize the Impact Emotional Intelligence Has on Successful Relationship building and Professional Development
    * Assess Your Current Emotional Intelligence
    * Identify the Key Emotional Skills
    * Define stress.
    * Discuss how stress works.
    * Understanding  what is a stressor , how we unconsciously react to the stressors.
    * Apply Emotional Intelligence  to a  Life scenarios to manage stress in a constructive way.
    * Use the EI Blueprint to Approach to Manage Anger, Conflicts and other Difficult  Interpersonal Challenges. Thus saving and energy and relationships.
    * Describe the three-step process to manage stress.
    * Learn effective stress-management strategies using EI
    * Create an action plan to reduce stress and improve personal productivity.

Course Facilitator:

Training will be conducted by SaaiNirmala, founder of Tranquil Gardens. She is a Silva Master Trainer from Silva Ultramind USA, Certified NLP Coach from NFNLP USA, done her Emotional Intelligence training from Six seconds USA, from famous EI trainer and Author of the famous book "At the heart of leadership" Joshua Freedman.she is also trained in -EFT by Master Trainer Beryl Comar. She is a Certified Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression therapist and Reiki Master.

After an illustrious career with international organizations for 17+ years, started Tranquil Gardens in 2007 to focus completely on empowering people in their professional and personal lives.

Her experience as a people manager coupled with certifications in NLP ,Hypnotherapy, Silva Mind Control  in addition to an engineering degree helped her in understanding the ways to tap the full potential of human mind while maintaining a good balance of professional and personal life.

She is passionate about helping people understand their own abilities and potentials and consistently performing at their best with ease and peace.

 What Participants say after attending our Courses?

Poonam Bhat, Cross Global Travels & Holidays, Director  :  It was wonderful and a complete eye-opener to me. Impressed with the simple techniques that are taught and I will practice and follow… of that I am certain. Thank you for taking the time and giving me the opportunity to make my life simple and better.

Purnima Vavadrajan, IPOTT, CEO  : Simple yet powerful, presentation and flow was very smooth. Though the subject is not regular the expressing of it made the program interesting.

Palani, Audio planet, CEO: Feel rejuvenated after the workshop; the content of the workshop was very helpful in understanding stress, stress management techniques, time, anger and goal management. The content was delivered in a simple yet very effective manner.

Santhosh. C.V, NDS, Team Lead:  The training was very relaxing plenty of breathing techniques to put practice. I liked EFT and would definitely try it. Anger management discussion has helped my relationship with my subordinates. I think I can manage it well from now on.

Dr. Rekha Rao, Dentist , BSK 3rd Stage , Bangalore: Simple but amazing technique. I feel much more relaxed after long time now. Really surprised EFT and Merrits Meditation can give this much instant stress release.

 J. Damodaran, Fortune UNLTD, CEO: Wonderful experience. You get a chance to walk through the world of your liking and feel it. It disperse a lot of myths, very useful

Ashwini,Wipro (Software Professional): Never know such simple techniques can ease our life in a single day.

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