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Vladivar Pub Rock Fest in Association with Kingfisher Presents
Mama\\\'s Boys ( New Delhi )Genre : Func , ReggaeMama\\\'s Boys is the coming together of very diverse musicians, spanning different styles, genres, and generations for the prima

Mama\'s Boys, The Vinyl Records & The Underknowns @ The Stage, Manajsa


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Vladivar Pub Rock Fest in Association with Kingfisher Presents

Mama's Boys ( New Delhi )

Genre : Func , Reggae

Mama's Boys is the coming together of very diverse musicians, spanning different styles, genres, and generations for the primary purpose of playing music that feels good in the pit of your stomach.

Mama's Boys believes that there are creatures such as themselves, out there, lurking on this planet who also feel the need to experience unadulterated, unprocessed, unpretentious music that comes from the hearts and souls & to share this music that is visceral and honest.

Each musician brings to the this band his own style and set of influences to create what can be at best, termed as a “funk based, rock flavoured, indi-influenced, jamband reggae”

The Musicians:

JOHN KO ( Voice, Guitars, Percussion ): A Korean born in Uganda, raised in Europe & America, lived in Indonesia, and discovered his reggae heart in Ethiopia, before making India his home. A true blue world musician. As an ex-rocker, and ex-front man for the popular 90s band HAZE, John sings from his soul and it shows. He likes to experiment with reggae & other forms to create his own unique voice.

LANU YADEN ( Guitars, Voice ): Explosive and lyrical, and self taught, Lanu a versatile musician and songwriter. Lanu combines a skillful blues rock style with melodic soloing in his playing to create passionate music. A businessman by profession, Lanu has been one of the most influential guitar players of the 90s performing with bands such as Blue Funk Unit, and a host of other bands. He is presently the music director for DABC and is very active in gospel music.

LALRINAWMA TOCHHAWNG (Bass, Voice ): That’s “ Mama’ to the Indian music community at large. A member of famous late 80s bands, Warlock & Ashanti, Mama has re-emerged out of self imposed retirement back onto the music scene as a sensitive, groove based bass player. Mama is also a well- known music promoter in the city

KRISTINA ZAMA ( Vocals): A lecturer at Daulat Ram College by profession, Her passion for her music has been her driving force with misty yet powerful Norah Jones like voice, her renditions Adele, KT Tunstall etc... is a pleasure to listen to.

ABHINAV DHAR ( Drums ): The ‘old man’ in the band, Abhinav has always been a semi-pro and always regretted his advertising career having taken precedence over his music and his drums. For those who might remember, he was the drummer for the legendary 80’s band called Collegium, and more recently, Whimsy Logic. These days, he hates being called ‘uncle’, and is happy is he is allowed play along with the ‘boyz’.

The Vinyl Records ( New Delhi )

Genre : Indie rock,New wave,post punk

 Members :

Lead Vocals/keytar: Cheyyrian Bark
Lead guitar/vocals: Banu Jini
Bass guitar/vocals: Minam Tekseng
Drummer/vocals: Mithy Tatak

The Underknowns ( New Delhi )

Members :

Akshay George
Meg D'Souza
Mark Aranha

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