Malavika Sarukkai Classical Roots G  A Series of Workshops on Classical Dance

Malavika Sarukkai Classical Roots G A Series of Workshops on Classical Dance


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About The Event

Dancing with Awareness

Over several decades Malavika Sarukkai has developed an individualistic style of Bharata Natyam. This technique has evolved through intense sadhana, keen observation, openness to inspiration and a sharp intellect. This re defined thinking and practise of dance is at the substratum of her acclaimed innovative solo and group dance choreographies.

The dance workshop at LshVa will be aimed at primarily getting dancers to know, feel and relate to their dancing bodies. Dance will be taught through the penetrative technique developed by Malavika Sarukkai . This process will encourage dancers to discover their potential to differentiate themselves rather than present imitative dancing. The emphasis will be on creating an awareness of the dancing body as an instrument of energy. Dance is often presented and perceived as something pretty and entertaining with an escalation of decorative elements taking centre stage. This workshop is aimed at looking at the core of the language of Bharata Natyam with a focus on body, mind, space and awareness. The attempt of the workshop is to see the language of Bharata Natyam in a much wider context.

Both aspects of Nritta and Abhinaya will be addressed. Beginning with movement alphabet in both cases it will build up to short phrase exercises. The dancers will be encouraged to discover for themselves ‘ body intelligence’ as this is essential to creating excellence in dance.

Day 1 Friday 29th July 5.00Pm to 8.00 Pm

(a) an orientation to this re defined technique of dance

(b) basic movement alphabets in nritta and abhinaya

Day -2 Saturday 30th July 9.30am to 1.30pm with a break of 30 minutes.

(a) Exercises in short phrases in nritta and abhinaya.

(b) Creating awareness of the dancing body.

Day -3 Sunday 31st July 9.30am to 1.30pm with a break of 30 minutes.

Creative exercises in nritta and Abhinaya.

Malavika Sarukkai

Intense, extraordinary and luminous are the qualities that distinguish Malavika Sarukkai‘s dancing. With her artistic mastery and technique she commands a presence on the world stage. As a passionate path breaking dancer from India, she has contributed a significant and large body of work through her interdisciplinary approach. Her choreographic interpretations both solo and group highlight the incandescent beauty of the classical language and the energized articulation of a contemporary mind.

A film entitled ‘The Unseen Sequence’ directed by Sumantra Ghoshal has been made celebrating her distinctive intellectual and creative approach to dance. This searching and personal film continues to receive rave reviews from critics, connoisseurs and public. In January 2016, the National Center For The Performing Arts, Mumbai celebrated the artistry of Malavika Sarukkai over a period of ten days across the city of Mumbai in the event , “ A Tribute To Excellence”.

Awards: Padmashree from the President of India in 2003

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