Make 2015 the best year ever - With Tiny habits

Make 2015 the best year ever - With Tiny habits


  • 2015 - The best year ever

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About The Event

What would make your 2015 wonderful? What would make it the best year ever for you?

Going debt free?  Weighing 10 kgs less/more? a half marathon, a new business, a promotion, a million dollars or anything else?

Whatever your answer is, it's great. Because if you have an answer to this question, then you have a goal/goals.

This is the time of the year when most of us set goals. (New year resolutions) We set goals in December 2012, December 2013, and now in December 2014. But, how many of those resolutions survive by the end of the first week of January? How many till the end of January? Some do, but most die a peaceful undisturbed death.

So what are you going to do differently this year? Do you have a strategy to make sure that you nurture your goals and achieve them in 2015?

If you don't, then let me help you.  Let me help you achieve your goals in 2015 through this program called " Make 2015 the best year ever - Tiny Habits® for your new year resolutions"

My name is Shahir.

I am a serial entrepreneur, a blogger, a language and communications trainer, and most importantly for your purposes, a Tiny Habits master coach. 

The Tiny habits © method was introduced by BJ Fogg who heads the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford. He is one of the most sought after behavior change experts in the world, and is the coach/mentor/ teacher to some of the most influential entrepreneurs of our time including Mike Krieger (Instagram), Tony Stubblebine (Lift), and Ramit Sethi ( and his behavioral model (called the Fogg behavioral model) forms the back bone for a lot of successful apps out there. In 2008, Fortune magazine listed him as one of the “10 new gurus you should know”

Over 28000 people have signed up since he introduced the program in 2011 and these participants have built over  100,000 habits and goals with this method. The method is surprisingly simple, but hugely impactful. Here’s what some people have to say.

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I trained personally with BJ for a month. The master coach training gave me deep insights into how people set their goals and habits and what sets them up for success or failure, and I have since applied it to my life (14 powerful new habits since I started), and in the lives of many of my trainees.

In this program, I teach you the best practices of goal setting combined with the Tiny Habits methodology. It is a highly practical hands on program and will help you plan specific actions and behaviors to move towards your goals in 2015. It’s a 3 step process.

  1. We will meet for a 2 hour workshop to learn the Tiny Habits method and to plan your individual goals.
  2. I will be tracking your progress for  weeks to see how you are applying the principles and to encourage you. You can call me or email me anytime during the month if you hit a roadblock. This is actually very useful. Having an accountability partner (someone who can track you, encourage you, and assist you) can increase the chances of goal completion many x times. 
  3. A meeting at the end of the month to review and plan for the next 11 months.

What more do you get?

1. You get to be part of a group of people who are as enthusiastic about achieving their goals as you are with yours. Their enthusiasm rubs on you and yours on them.

2. You get weekly lessons on Tiny Habits and goal setting for 4 weeks. 

3. You get an ebook titled "10 super habits to transform your life in 2015 and how to build them"

And what do you pay  this?

Just about the price of a good buffet lunch.

Practically, just that. Rs. 700/- for all 3 parts of the program plus a completely risk free, no questions asked full refund if you are not happy at the end of the first workshop.

The real question is not whether you can afford the program (Everyone can and I want it to be that way). It’s whether you are serious about your goals and if you would want to give yourself a better chance of achieving them in 2015.

If you are, then go ahead, book your slot now. The program is on Jan 4, 2015. We have one webinar, and one face to face program. I am only taking 15 participants in a batch, and I expect it to fill up super quick. Register immediately.

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