Book Online Tickets for Main Rahi Masoom at Kala Ghoda Arts Fest, Mumbai. Rangadhara Theatre Stream and Sutradhar are proud to present \\\'MAIN RAHI MASOOM\\\' (A 75-minute monologue in Hindustani on the life and times of the late Dr. Rahi Masoom Raza)at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival \\\'Natya Udaan 2016\\\'

Main Rahi Masoom at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival


About The Event

Rangadhara Theatre Stream and Sutradhar 
are proud to present 

(A 75-minute monologue in Hindustani on the life and times of the late Dr. Rahi Masoom Raza)

at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 
'Natya Udaan 2016' 

12th February, 2016, 8 pm 
at National Gallery of Modern Art, Colaba, Mumbai

Enacted by Vinay Varma 
Directed by Bhaskar Shewalkar

The play is a biographical sketch of the famous Hindi and Urdu writer, the late Dr. Rahi Masoom Raza. The script is compiled by Sutradhar from a 519-page Hindi journal called ABHINAV KADAM dedicated exclusively to the memory of Rahi on his 75th birthday, and various sources from the internet. Inputs from his son Nadeem Khan and his wife Mrs. Nayyar Jahan helped us recreate the personality of Masoom, as she fondly remembers him.

This performance is first of its kind on Rahi.

This 75-minute poignant monologue shows how Rahi detested communal and vote-bank politics, and how he fought against the divisive forces in the country through his writings. He was a strong nationalist and a Muslim next who staunchly opposed pseudo-secularism. He was upfront against the fundamentalists on both sides of the divide. He was brutally honest regarding politics of hatred, and felt that the interest of communal elements among both Hindus and Muslims lies in keeping the two communities aloof from each other and to create distrust among them.

Rahi's journey begins on 1st September, 1927 in Gangauli, a small village in the Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh and ends with his vaseeyat in which he wills that he be laid to rest in the lap of the Ganga, whom he considered his second mother. He passed away on 15 March 1992.

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