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About The Event

Dear Friends,

Below is an appeal we have received for support of Mahesh Kumar. We, the batch coordinators, after deliberations and some due diligence feel that this seems like a cause we can ask the alumna to consider contributing for the stated purpose.

We have setup the gateway to enable consolidation of collection and then transfer the same in one go as this will give us understanding of the funds collected and also we will close gateway the moment required funds have been collected. This will also ensures that no additional funds are collected.

Some of the relevant documents to support his bonafide are kept on our share drive and can be accessed using the link as below :

Thanks and Regards,

Batch Coordinators Group

IIT BHU Alumni Association of Western India


Extract from the appeal that we received : 


Mahesh Kumar s/o Sadhu Ram Balmik, a student of B.Tech., I year, Mining Engineering at IIT, BHU, Varanasi, is a resident of Village Shahpur, Post Gunta, Tehsil Bansur, District Alwar, Rajasthan. His father took a loan of Rs. 2,70,000 from four moneylenders for education and treatment of mental illness of Mahesh. Details of moneylenders are given below. His father suffered from paralysis and is unable to work as a daily wage labourer to support his family. Mahesh could not appear for his examinations at IIT, BHU during first year due to illness and has to repeat the first year. If the loan is not repaid Mahesh will have to leave his studies and go and work as a daily wage labourer to repay the loan. He recently worked to earn Rs. 4,000 by cleaning the drain as part of a contract from Shahpur Gram panchayat. He also cleans utensils and tent equipment for earning. He can also make tandoor rotis but only in villages far away from his village where his SC caste identity is not known. He became a child labour quite early in his life.


He, unfortunately, fell in the trap of some bicycle thieves on 31/10/15 and helped them steal 5 bicycles from Vishveshwaryya Hostel, IIT, BHU, where he also resides. When confronted by Proctor, IIT and Warden of his hostel, he admitted his involvement in the crime but claimed that the gang had kept his mobile phone and important documents and was blackmailing him. With police’s help two members of the gang were nabbed. Mahesh feels he did wrong and regrets it. We think he has been a victim of the circumstances and must be given a chance in life.


Details of money lenders :


(1) Ajay Kumar, Mobile: 8740068857, Amount lent: Rs. 50 thousand, at 3% monthly interest, borrowed on 15/7/15, a/c no. xxxx, State Bank of Patiala (a/c in the name of Mukesh), Gunta Shahpur

(2) Ramesh Gujjar, Mobile: 9660455894, Amount lent: Rs. 1 lakh, at 2% monthly interest, borrowed on 13/5/13, a/c no. xxxx, SBI (a/c in the name of Vijay Singh), Morori


(3) Rohitas Kumar, Mobile: 8826369489, Amount lent: Rs. 1 lakh, at 3% monthly interest, borrowed on 10/8/14, a/c no. xxxx, State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, Morori


(4) Mahendra Yogi, Mobile: 8769650569, Amount lent: Rs. 20 thousand without any interest, a/c no. xxxx, State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, Gunta Shahpur


Account numbers have been masked to ensure that by mistake no one transfers the money to the lenders account.


Appeal made by:

Rutuja Chhajed, final year IDD student of Biomedical Engineering, IIT, BHU

Monish Babbar, final year B.Tech. student of Mechanical Engineering, IIT, BHU

Sandeep Pandey, visiting faculty, Chemical Engineering, IIT, BHU


Note : Any surplus collection than the amount required for clearing of the loan of Mahesh will be retained by the Association and will be used for similar cause after due approvals from the Batch Coordinator Group.

Please connect with Ashish Bhartia, 92 Mech, using mail id for any further infomrtaion.

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