Mahamaya Tantra Homam

Mahamaya Tantra Homam


  • Mahamaya Tantra Homam

    Mahamaya Tantra Homam Grants Blessings Equal to Performing 100 Yagyas in One’s Life

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About The Event

Attain Blessings Equal to Performing 100 Yagyas in One’s Life

Mahamaya Tantra Homa on Thai Amavasya

Scheduled Live On January 16, 2018 @ 6 PM

Mahamaya – A Goddess Who Pervades All Three Worlds

Mahamaya, a name associated with Goddess Durga or Kali is the queen of Dakinis, the queen of Yoginis and the supreme secret of all these secret goddess. We live in a world of illusion and Mahamaya took form to break the shackles of illusion. She is the primal energy who makes you realise your true self, your Eternal Being. She is the embodiment of knowledge, pervades all three worlds, source of all gods, to create, sustain and also destroy. She fulfills all desires, frees you from diseases and grants spiritual attainment.

The Mahamaya Tantra Homam gains strength with auspicious pujas performed along with it:

  • Mahamaya Tantra Homam
  • Mohini Yakshini Puja
  • Maya Tantrakara Puja

Why Mahamaya Worship On Thai Amavasya

The Mahamaya Tantra ritual on Amavasya is highly auspicious for removing negativity because evil spirits are more rampant when it is pitch dark. Invoking Goddess Mahamaya, a manifestation of Mother Shakthi, who is known for crushing evil, is very significant as she is very conscious on the New Moon day. Devotees worship her fervently to arrive, destroy evil and uplift righteousness. She defeats negativity and also relieves one of all planetary dilemmas.The yagya on New Moon day grants blessings equal to performing 100 yagyas in one’s life.

Mahamaya Tantra Homa

Dedicated to Goddess Mahamaya, a form of Mohini having the powers of Trinities Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva, the homa promises her divine grace for supreme Vidya (knowledge), divine sight, magical ability and can conjure miracles. It also bestows a long life, spiritual attainment, relief from illness, prevents aging, obstacles and even death. A person is always protected by the queen of yoginis – Mahamaya.

Benefits of Mahamaya Tantra Homa

  • Bestows Rewards of Knowledge, Strength & Luxury
  • Helps to realise your true self, your Eternal Being
  • Keeps away bad energy, curses and sorcery
  • Reduces the ill effects of Mangal Dosha
  • Solves partnership problems in business
  • Protects against witch knot (Knot magic)
  • Prevents Aging, hurdles and premature death

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