Maha Mantra Kirtan Yagna - 19 February 2017

Maha Mantra Kirtan Yagna - 19 February 2017


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About The Event

A program of Soul-stirring chants by accomplished group of singers on Ocassion of Thanksgiving Week. Starts from 6.45 PM to 8.00 PM on 19 February 2017 at Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Pune.

All are invited with family & friends!

About Thanksgiving Week:

As a tradition, the Thanksgiving Week is celebrated in February since 1998, around the world at all the Sadhu Vaswani Mission Centers from New York to Toronto; from Hong Kong to Jakarta, from Delhi to Bangalore, across many major cities. It began as a thanksgiving to the Lord for the second life bestowed to Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani.

It was during this week, in 1998, that our dearly beloved, Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani went through a quadruple bypass surgery at The Washington Medical Center, USA. What ought to have been a single surgical procedure, turned out to be a series of three major operations performed on him within the period of a week of February 18-24, 1998. As he lay in his hospital bed, just one thought played in his mind, just one word on his smiling lips: “Shukur, Shukur, Shukur” - Thank you, God! Thank you, God! Thank you, God! Gratitude to Thee for the gift of pain which is as readily accepted as any other gift of joy!

What is Special about Thanksgiving Week?

February 18-24 is observed as Thanksgiving Week since then and has evolved today into a major celebration.  In keeping with Dada’s ideals, special service programmes, prayers and events are conducted, in glory and gratitude of the Guru and God. The focus of the week is also on poor, needy patients who suffer from debilitating heart ailments. To them are made available free diagnostic tests like the ECG, Echo and Angiography, and to as many of them as possible, free cardiac surgery for their condition. Thousands of poor people in India suffer from curable heart ailments, but diagnosis, treatment and surgery are beyond their reach.

"Dwelling on the attitude of gratitude makes us open and receptive to the Lord’s blessings. And we find that good things come to pass in our life." says Rev. Dada.


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