Magic Of Indian Classical Music - Vocal Recital By Malobika Mandal

Magic Of Indian Classical Music - Vocal Recital By Malobika Mandal


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Magic Of Indian Classical Music - Vocal recital by Malobika Mandal. Hindustani and Carnatic music form the genre of what is known as Indian Classical Music. The tradition was born out of a cultural synthesis of several musical traditions: the Vedic chant tradition (dating back to about 1000 BCE) and the equally ancient Persian tradition of Musiqi-e assil, as well as various folk traditions prevalent in the region.

Khyal, (thought) the Hindustani form of vocal music, adopted from medieval Persian music and based on Dhrupad, is based on improvising and expressing emotion. A Khyal is a two- to eight-line lyric set to a melody. The lyric is of an emotional account depicting joy, sorrow, anger, excitement and even celebration as well as expressing the moods of the various seasons of the year.

When performed in the right place at the right time with an accomplished musician and an appreciative audience a raga can engulf, cure and create the strong emotions that the musician is attempting.

Malobika will present ragas and the bandish (a fixed, melodic composition in Hindustani vocal or instrumental music, set in a specific raga, performed with rhythmic accompaniment by a tabla or pakhavaj) to express different moods.

Malobika is a talented and versatile vocalist with a rich and vibrant voice.

She is a science graduate and started her musical journey from her childhood under the Late Shri Satyen Das. After completing her MA in music she became the disciple of Padmashree Smt. Sumitra Guha. She has acquired the fineness of the Gayaki of Kirana Garana from her guru. She is a graded artist of AIR and has performed in India. She has accompanied her guru in the National Festival of Mauritius and the International Youth Festival at Istanbul.

She has also trained in light music (geet, ghazal and bhajan) from Shri Mahindra Sarin a top grade composer of AIR, Delhi.

Tabla - Shri Pradip Kumar Sarkar,
Sarangi - Shri Ghanshyam Sishodia
Harmonium- Shri Kaushik Mitra,
Tanpura - Kumari Anukriti Sengupta

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