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Magic Flute, Telling Untelling Stories\" a solo painting exhibition by Kishore Roy


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About The Event

Pearl art Gallery presents 'Magic Flute, Telling Untelling Stories' a solo exhibition by Kishore Roy.

Janamashtmi , one of the most popular festival of India is celebrated with great enthusiasm. To mark this occasion Pearl Art Gallery will hold a solo exhibition of paintings titled 'MAGIC FLUTE , TELLING UNTELLING STORIES.'  by artist Kishore Roy. Being greatly inspired by Lord Krishna, Kishore Roy makes images of the lord in acrylics on canvas. His images create scenes where god is seen giving instructions to the human soul or romancing with his gopis.  It is a symphony of love and beauty Kishore roy's images are a creature of the imagination, not nature, and yet we accept them with delegated recognition. We also recognize them because they are engendered by the same fertile imagination which astonishes us in ourdreams. Indeed the collective dreams of mankind through the ages have been the great myths.

Here the god is seen giving instruction to the human soul and indeed manifesting himself as totality, the whole of reality. Roy's krishna in line with much of Indians entrancing music and dance warm the chambers of the heart. Its suffuses the listener and the viewer with affection, And deep sympathies and empathies - to use somewhat abstract terms. However the painter is still in the time honoured vein. His techniques are contemporary, but the inspiration timeless. Roy's paintings are not intended to be illustrations in the literal sense, rather they are punctuation marks, pauses for contemplation.

The luminous colours of the work, ranging through and indigo are colours not commonly found in nature, always subtly modulated, they glow and burn like the many colours of flames and jewel, we have but to take any square inch canvas and find it alive with delicate lines and minute fluid shapes such as might be found in a drop of water, under a microscope, so the compositions are intricately and totally conceived their forms determinate. So Roy's work is a surprising modern instance of good old wine in new bottles. He copies imagination not nature his imaginative personality combines with imaginative fecundity.

His depiction of  krishna are thus conceived in all the energy of their imaginable, autonomous life , a joyous human complicity that obliquely hints that the trance of love is the life saver in an otherwise often painful earthly existence, by soothing the senses via just means , we creatures also gain the wisdom of the heart I follow up this discussion of  Kishore roy's work with poem of mine on how a stone figure of krishna once trapped me in its charms.

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