Millionaire in 365 days

Millionaire in 365 days


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About The Event

Millionaire in 365 days:

Personal Development Program to earn Rs.10 lakhs in 12 months

If you have been searching for the most effective ways to create lasting personal change, experience massive breakthrough, lasting financial prosperity and totally transform your life, you are at the right place.

The most precious asset is 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year. We cannot preserve it for future use; we will have to invest it.  Now it’s on me how I am going to invest this time. It’s my responsibility to invest my time for worthwhile purpose.

You can invest 10 hours for your regular work, and another 10 hour for sleeping and other essential day to day work. Still you are left with another 4 hours. I am asking to commit 2 hour for your-self and helping others to lead a better life.

You have a choice to invest after office hour 7pm – 9pm at the bar or in front of TV set, movies. Or invest at Life Management Academy Personal Development Program to be a better communicator, negotiator, decision and leader.

I am looking for members of my mastermind group who are committed to achieve financial freedom in 365 days. We created right environment to match our thoughts and organized action to achieve our financial goal of earning 10 lakhs in 365 days.

If you are serious to overcome your financial struggle, please be part of the group and invest time to increase your earning capability.

You all know everyone us have tremendous potential, which ever area we will focus our time and energy; we will achieve success in that area.

So let’s cut to the point…

If you know, deep down inside that you need to make a major change in your life right now then now is the time to act. If you feel, that you are so much capable and resourceful than you’ve been letting on, then now is the time to act. It’s time to cut excuses, step up and take responsibility to organise for yourself and your life…

It’s now or never, because tomorrow is too late.

This is your opportunity to earn Rs.10 lakhs in 12 months by sharing your learning with 3 people in a day.

If I give away my physical asset to others, it goes away; the more I give away intellectual assets (Knowledge), the more I gain. What a miracle process.

 Life Management Academy conducts guaranteed Personal Development Programs to achieve Business/Career, Health and Relationships goals to be successful in life.

You are required to attend ‘21 sessions’ Personal Development Program of 2 hours in a day and share your learning with 3 persons a day.

You can choose your session timings: 7am-9am or 7pm - 9pm during weekdays,

Weekend timings: 6pm- 9pm on Saturday, 10am- 1:30pm and 4:30pm-7:30pm on Sunday

What you need to become millionaire? 

  1. 1.First is the decision to become millionaire
  2. 2.Persistency to invest 90 minutes for self

No selling of any product

No investment in any product

No cheating.

Improving self and helping others to improve by making them to realize their purpose of life. What you need is commitment to invest 2 hours for self in a day.


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