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***Hosted by "Cosmic Mantrra" ***
"Urban Antidote Records Portugal"
FluroNeuro (Dark Minds Records)
BRAINDROP (Omveda / Occulta Records)
TERRATECH (Urban Antidote Records)
Label Owner, Artist at Urban Antidote Records
Igor very early became interested in electronic music and began his search for different styles of psychedelic music.
The first steps were taken by private parties and local clubs, so then the tendency for mixing was the beginning of knowledge, and lately they were the basis for create in 2005 his solo project under the name TerraTech.
TerraTech sound is designed to explore altered states of reality, each music has a dynamic feeling, involved by organic and cosmic sounds, original production based on all aspects of psychedelic domains.
After his first experiences and deep production, some tracks were been released on various several labels well known in the underground scene as Urban Antidote, Lycantrop, Bhooteshwara OmVeda, 2to6, Temple Twister, Deviant Force,NABI, Mind Expansion, among others.
TerraTech has released two Ep Cds, first in the German label Mind Expansion Records with the name “Liquid Brain”, and the 2nd by the Macedonian label Active Meditation Music titled “Respect”.
After that, a Split album was released in collaboration with Zen Mind “Ethereal Lifeforms” with the Mexican label Biomechanix Records.
Igor compiled two cds at Urban Antidote, Optoplanar was the name chosen for the first one, and Modulating Architects (Along Dj Amazon) the second one, both with a list of some of the best night time artists in the psychedelic scene in moment.
Nowadays TerraTech is working in some new music to be released at Urban Antidote, stay tuned for the news!
TERRATECH blasting in Pune for very first time. BOM SHANKA night in was killer we assure this madness is even Bigger & better. All you psyheads be we well prepared as this is no fairytale. "No Trance Dance experience" This is pure energy of psychedelia that we bring to you. We need not introduce the line up time and again, as you know what's coming. Get reAdy to Experience d Power Night.
1. #Crazy Visuals
2. #Killer Decor
3. #Free Terratech Cd's to first 100 ppl
So be there to experiecne d craziest nite that you're about to witness.
★★Right after the party we all invite you to be a part of the celebration of our launch★★
Sumith Suresh is the driving force behind the versatile electronic music project Braindrop and quintessentially one of India's top exports to the trance world. Having made his debut in 2005 he has has gone on to perform throughout India, Middle East, Europe and South East Asia at various clubs and festivals. Being one of the most sought after producer/djs in the country his unique style led him to perform alongside many varied music stalwarts From the legendary Juno Reactor to techno giant D-Nox to psytrance legends such as Atmos, Hilight Tribe, Sensient, Electrypnose, Kindzadza and many more, he crafts quality electronic music sets showing that even underground music, if presented well finds a place anywhere.
In the past few years he has released music on several compilations on various labels such as Omveda Records, Soundkraft Records, Nabi Records, Psylife Music. Shanti Jatra Music, Occulta Records amongst many others.
With a penchant for ever evolving sounds, his productions are a blend of futuristic sounds with an organic touch and his live performances are one's that never leave your memory.
Since managing Omveda Records with India's award winning DJ Mash in 2006 he went on to begin Occulta Records in 2008, after feeling the need to explore diverse territories setting up another one, Occultech Recordings.
The three labels now constantly release quality psychedelic electronic music covering various spectrums such as psytrance, dark prog and minimal with an ever growing fan-base worldwide through which he continues to experiment and present his material.
Apart from being an ace producer, he is also an avid music aficionado and often writes reviews/articles on music and is an active promoter of events. He is also the Ambassador for Trance for the online radio company, Mixcloud.
When it comes to him you are assured that what comes out of the speaker is nothing but fresh, unique and quality electronic music.
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FluroNeuro is based out of Bangalore, India.
FluroNeuro officially kick started this project in 2013 playing at events across India and prefers the Underground Music Scene.
FluroNeuro's Live Sets are Rituals bringing to you music that can be characterised, as atmospheric, tribal, deep and organic creating an atmosphere of fluoroscence using psychotropic sounds and frequencies blending Psychedelia with her own flavour of dark, while focusing more on the Night Time Vibe.
Has played supporting set's for renowned psytra
nce artists like Protonica, DigitalX, Sanathana, Fright Rate, Kanibal Holokaust, Mad Maxx, Teo , Jangaramongara, Mindwave to name a few and has also been featured in the Freedom.
Blast,Spirit Gust Festival & Dream Bubble 3.0 - all major psytrance festivals held in Goa. While exploring the infinite realms of sounds, In the year 2014 FluroNeuro started Producing her own music experimenting with abstract melodies alternating from deep to light ,creating sound textures saturated within layers of harmonies & Obscure rhythms juxtaposed to alien atmospheres; taking advanced listeners into a mind expanding vortex of harmonic oneness.
Releases :
VA - Galactic Traveller by Tripura Yantra Records - 2015
So Buckle-uP Lovely Punekar's Party FreAks......
Gonna b 1Massive Mad Killer Nite. Get reAdy to Experience d OPEN AIR MADNESS @one of the Best CLUB in PUNE F Beach House, pune Feel d Psychedelic Experience & Pure Positive Vibes ...BOooooM
Pre-sales Are Now Available VERY LIMITED out Guys,,,Grab it ASAP.
Pre-Sale Available @ INR 600 Only.....
1. Vicky Singh aka Vicky Psybaba - +91 8698903714 (Whatsup)
+91 8698903773
2. Cyrus Christian - +91 7507731800 / +91 8554811177
3. Vanessa Christian - +91 7767844808 / +91 9158492939
B Nice & Early to Experience the Most Awaited Psychedelic Nite U hv ever Experienced. ;-)
BOoom SHANKA ;-)

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