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Warm Greetings from “It’s For You” team & Sujata!!!!!!
Thank you for your interest in \\\

Love Yourself-Heal Your Life


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About The Event

 Rs 1500/- is the Booking Amount.

Warm Greetings from “It’s For You” team & Sujata!!!!!!

Thank you for your interest in "Heal Your Life" Workshop, as we heal ourselves so do
we heal the planet.

Welcome to the world of Love, divine wisdom & an episode of amazing transformation of life,
just by changing our thoughts and the thinking patterns, accepting lovingly, “who we are.”

Please find the details below. Feel free to call me @ + 91 9830519295 for any queries
or mail me :

here it goes........

"The power is within you. It always has been. How far are you willing to expand the horizons of your thinking and stir that power awake?"
~Louise Hay


 It’s For You



Love yourself, Heal Your Life®

2 days - Heal Your Life® workshop

It is about YOU, the way you are, the key influences and events in your life that have brought you to where you are now and the way you would like your life to be.
The process of healing your life begins with breaking through the layers of old conditioning and beliefs about how you "should" lead your life,
identifying any problem areas and clearing out emotional clutter connected with them. There is no "magic" or "secret process". All that is required is a genuine desire
to commit yourself to change your patterns of thought and a series of practical steps to make those changes happen.
HEAL YOUR LIFE® workshops will help you let go off your past conditioning and limiting belief systems and step into the life of empowerment and happiness.
That is the joy of this two day workshop, you can clear out the patterns and beliefs that have lead you to this point and as time passes you will notice that you just
don't want to do those negative things self denial just a natural choice. Simply put, when you love yourself you do not hurt yourself.

You only Bring Happiness, Love and Joy into your Life!

This workshop is based on the Philosophy of Louise Hay and the famous weekend experience that have changed millions of lives worldwide.

Louise Hay: You are what you think


Concept Video
Louise Hay - You are what you think

Louise Hay is an icon in the self transformation movement. Her fundamental message, the importance of loving yourself, has transformed
the lives of millions across the world. This workshop runs successfully world-wide in 54 countries.


Love yourself, Heal Your Life®

2day - Heal Your Life® workshop

The 2 day workshop was originally created by Louise Hay and is a Journey of Learning and Self Discovery.
This intensely powerful workshop will help you:
· Learn to love and honor yourself and others more fully and deeply
· Release negative emotions like anger, fear, guilt, resentment etc.
· that block your joy and creativity
· Work with body, mind and spirit to transform your life
· Understand your barriers to love, abundance, prosperity & happy relationships
· Understand the Mind - Body connection to heal your physical body issues.
· Connect deeply with your Inner Child.
· Realize your inner wisdom and power and claim your magnificence.
· Get more of what you want from life
· Gain new tools and ideas to assist you on your journey
Working with each of the four aspects of ourselves - the mind, body, emotions and spirit - all of the exercises are designed to help the healing process. We will go into ourselves deeply to
break through the layers of old conditioning and find the beauty inside.

You will be gently and skillfully guided toward a realization of your own power, inner wisdom and strengths, which will help you to achieve the life of joy, happiness, prosperity and
health you deserve. Create the Life YOU Desire.

By the end of the program you will have a renewed appreciation and love for yourself and others. You will also go home armed with spiritual and practical tools and techniques that will
help you respond to situations and circumstances in your life more positively and lovingly.

METHODOLOGY : Creative Visualizations, Affirmations, Inner child work, Processes and very simple Fun Techniques and Exercises.

The course includes some of the works of Patricia Crane Phd, Shakti Gawain, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson as well. 


Join us for this life changing, transformational and powerful workshop, attended by millions worldwide.

Date : 27th & 28 th June 2015
Time : 10 AM – 6:00PM

Venue : Hotel De Sovrani
DD 21, Saltlake City, Sector I, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064


Contact (+91) 9830519295 or
Email :

If you are willing to attend the workshop, do mail us and we will send you an invitation to a free movie screening and a very
informative discussion on the Workshop over a coffee with our Workshop Leader , in the same venue on June 13th. We will send
you the time in our invitation mail .

Kindly send us your mobile number also.

· There will be regular follow ups online /offline after the workshop.
· The first 10 participants will get two individual sessions of 30 minutes each with the Workshop Leader.

Useful Links

Daily Affirmations 


 Books by Louise Hay
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Workshop Leader: Sujata Mukherjee

Sujata is a certified and internationally licensed HYL Teacher / Workshop Facilitator & Seminar Leader. She is also

certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Child Psychology from
School of Natural Health Science, Berkeley’s Square, U.K. accredited by
International College of Holistic Medicine ( I.C.H.M.) She is a
Globally certified, Life Coach for self empowerment & wellness. Her
services range from emotional health and leadership
development to mind training. She firmly believes each individual is
uniquely gifted, and hence the most important part is
understanding self worth, believing strongly in it, and nurturing it to get the most out of life. In her own words,
“Explore the “YOU” in YOU, ...Emerge Elevate & Excel.”
To know more about Sujata log on to

"The heal your life workshop was a tremendously powerful step in my life. It connected me to myself. The immensely deep work is done so easily and effortlessly. I have able to release so much during these 2 days that i had been carrying for so many years. I feel ages of heaviness has been lifted off my shoulders.
Best was the inner child work and the affirmation bath. Life seems so much beautiful and lovelier. My relationships, specially with myself has seen great shift. There is much love and that we are experiencing now.
The kidney stone that i was diagnosed with has dissolved just by following the affirmations and inner work that was suggested. Very powerful and transforming workshop. I would recommend it EVERY person. There is so much love in this workshop. I have learned to love myself truly, fully and unconditionally. Thank you for bringing it to us."

wrote a HYL Participant, India 




Sujata Mukherjee
TEL : +91 9830519295
Email :

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Louise Hay: You are what you think


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