Loose Your Feet

Loose Your Feet


About The Event



Got your own dance style you think you've mastered? 
An event for pro solo dancers​, 
Loose your feet is where you can make the crowd go crazy 
with those awesome, super cool moves!! 



Date : 20th , 21st and 22nd of January 2017

Venue : IIT Hyderabad Permanent Campus

Prize : 1st position : Rs 7000 

        2nd position: Rs 3000 + goodies



  • The event comprises of eliminations followed by finals.( prelims, semi-final and final) 
  • Registration can be done online or on the spot. 
  • Performance duration should be 3-5 min for prelims, 5-7 min for semi-final and for 2-3 min final. 
  • For prelims and semi-final you have to bring your own songs. 
    You cannot repeat dance steps or moves. 
    You can get similar music beats , but not similar dance steps. 
  • For final round you will be given a random song and also some time to prepare 
    and you have to perform at least 2 min on that song. 
  • Final score will be combined score of semi-final and final. 
  • Prelims will be on first day. 
    Semi-finals and final will be on next day depending on the participation**. 
  • Participants should bring their music/song in CD/DVD or a pen drive. 
  • Number of participants for final will depend on participation as well as judges opinion. 
  • You can perform any type of non-classical dance like hip-hop, stepping, popping, etc. 

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