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About The Event


Together, let’s revive the magnificent Kalamkari industry.

It all started with us meeting Mr. Kailasam, a President’s Award winning weaver from Kalahasti, Andhra Pradesh. The 74-year-old man sorrowfully revealed that his legacy will not be passed on to his sons, as they were not interested in pursuing an ill-paid job like this.

A single saree takes 2 litres of milk, gallons of water (for repeated soaking), and almost 2 months to complete!

When we learned what it took to make a single saree, and why the art form was so difficult to work with, the two of us decided to do something to help revive the Kalamkari industry.

We met up again with Mr. Kailasam’s brother and other villagers in Kalahasti. One thing was certain – we were not going to bargain (which evidently would not solve the real problem), but instead ask them what they felt was a fair price for their efforts. The artisans too saw logic in not asking for the moon, since even lovers of this art would not buy them if the prices were marked exorbitantly, which would mean no repeat orders.


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  •      The whole family – the master craftsman, his wife, mother and daughter then spend close to 6 weeks to complete a single piece of Kalamkari. We would like to point out that there was absolutely no child labour used.

Thus was born Looms of India – The Kalamkari Collection.

Born from a truth that the only way to revive the industry was to wholeheartedly support it.

This venture is our experiment, test and risk. If successful, we aim to help artisans of other art forms in Andhra Pradesh revive their industries. Together we can make it possible.

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