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\\\'The Secret\\\' and  the \\\'Power key\\\' beyond Secret is finally revealed for you to achieve  true Success in Life.
“Remember, you  attract to your life whatever you give your attention,ene

LOA - Law Of Attraction @ Bangalore on 13th Nov 2011


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About The Event

Law of Attraction Workshop by Tranquil Gardens

'The Secret' and the 'Power key' beyond Secret is finally revealed for you to achieve true Success in Life.

“Remember, you attract to your life whatever you give your attention,energy and focus to, whether wanted or unwanted.”  -   Michael J. Losier

This workshop will help you understand the basic concept and use of Law Of Attraction . Even if you are a beginner or you have no idea about how successful people attract there success in there life, you will get clarity on why most of the unwanted things that show up in your life are attracted to you and how to stop attracting them. More importantly, you will learn how to apply the Law of Attraction to your life for the things you want and attract them.

Participants will discover the simple seven step method for applying the Law of Attraction to their lives personally and professionally and be given simple but effective tools to put the Law of Attraction in action right away!

 They will learn through this experiential workshop everything about attracting right relationship , Career, Money and or anything you want in life.

Workshop covers :

  • What the Law of Attraction is and how it has been already working in your life, all your life?
  • Why goal setting, positive thinking and affirmations don't work for many people and the missing secret to making them work for anyone ?.
  • How to create abundance in every area of their life? 
  • How to create and enjoy better health?How to create stronger more loving and trusting relationships in personal and professional life?
  • How to get the cooperation and  support from people in every walk of life , by simply learning and applying correctly the “Ask and its given” principle ?
  • How to create and sustain positive  attitudes and hence better performance in the workplace?
  • And How to Stop attracting the circumstance and situations you don’t want?

Benefits :

In personal life :

  • Attract more money
  • Attract the perfect job or career
  • Attract and create harmonious relationships .
  • Create and sustain better health
  • Create abundance in every area of their life
  • Stop attracting the things they don’t want

In Business:

  1. Attract more and better customers 
  2. Attract more revenue
  3. Create and nurture teamwork and cooperation 
  4. Create improved attitudes and performance in the workplace The workshop is presented in an interactive accelerated learning style with accompanying handouts and worksheets.

Course Facilitator :

Training will be conducted by SaaiNirmala, founder of Tranquil Gardens. She is a Silva Master Trainer from Silva Ultramind USA, Certified NLP Coach from NFNLP USA, done her Emotional Intelligence training from Six seconds USA, from famous EI trainer and Author of the famous book "At the heart of leadership" Joshua Freedman.she is also trained in -EFT by Master Trainer Beryl Comar. She is a Certified Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression therapist and Reiki Master.

After an illustrious career with international organizations for 17+ years, started Tranquil Gardens in 2007 to focus completely on empowering people in their professional and personal lives.

Her experience as a people manager coupled with certifications in NLP ,Hypnotherapy, Silva Mind Control  in addition to an engineering degree helped her in understanding the ways to tap the full potential of human mind while maintaining a good balance of professional and personal life.

She is passionate about helping people understand their own abilities and potentials and consistently performing at their best with ease and peace.

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