Book Online Tickets for  Live to Eat - Be Your Own Doc Level 1 W, Bengaluru. Live to Eat is a mouth watering one day workshop that gives you insight into the way every animal in the world eats, as well as the cooking secrets of Ancient India.You’re a foodie. Admit it. So are we.You can’t eat to live. You live to e

Live to Eat - Be Your Own Doc Level 1 Workshop Series


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About The Event

Live to Eat is a mouth watering one day workshop that gives you insight into the way every animal in the world eats, as well as the cooking secrets of Ancient India.

You’re a foodie. Admit it. So are we.
You can’t eat to live. You live to eat. So do we.
You want to be healthy, and keep your family healthy. So do we.
You think tasty food and healthy food are two different things. We don’t.

From the Vedic times until today, India has been world famous for its food. The fruits, nuts, vegetables, millets and spices we grow and eat kept us healthy – until today, because we don’t eat them the way we used to anymore.

Come for our workshop and learn to eat the way your great grandparents did – with a dash of Naturopathy added!

Today, India ranks third in obesity rates and second in diabetes rates in the world. Half the world’s diabetics are in India and China. Half the people who die from heart disease this year are going to be Indians. We’re sure you personally know at least three people who are suffering from diabetes, hypertension or obesity.

It does not have to be this way. We have helped hundreds of people reverse their diseases, achieve and preserve health. We have also helped many more people stay healthy and never get any lifestyle disorder. All this, while thoroughly enjoying food!

What Will I Get?

At the Live to Eat Workshop, you will discover:

  • How our food and lifestyle is different from every other animal on the planet, and how this is impacting your health.
  • How the natural diet of an animal keeps it healthy
  • How an animal cures itself without a doctor or medicines, using the power of Nature and its own instincts
  • How stress affects not only our mind but our health, too, in a big way
  • What is our natural diet, and how we have been following many principles of Nature for millennia, in all traditional cultures around the world
  • How you can integrate these customs into your lifestyle, no matter where you are or what you do
  • How to connect to your instincts in your own mind, and learn to listen to what your body is telling you

You will also get a Live to Eat Kit, including an ebook covering everything we teach you at the workshop, so you have access to this knowledge forever.

Who is this for?

Come for this workshop if:

  • You are a foodie and you love to cook, serve and eat amazing food, and you want to learn powerful cooking techniques that can transform everything you cook into healing food.
  • You want to discover how you can tap into your own instincts and understand what you body needs to keep itself healthy
  • You are healthy now, and want to continue to be healthy for the rest of your life, and preserve your family’s health too
  • You have any disease or disorder, and wish to reverse your illness and cure yourself naturally. In case you are not healthy, please get in touch with us to know how much this workshop can benefit you.

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