Live - The Last Puff At TLR Cafe

Live - The Last Puff At TLR Cafe


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Live - The Last Puff(Indie/Stoner/Psychedelic) at TLR Cafe.

The Last Puff was formed in 2009 by two friends Ankit and Kshitiz, after they met through a social networking website and started jamming at a friend's play school terrace room. Kushagra's elder brother was Ankit's classmate in school, so he asked him to come and jam with them. Hence, in the winter of 2009, The Last Puff was born. All the band members are inspired individually by certain various genres, like the guy on the vocals and guitar is into Grunge, Psychedelic, Jazz, Goth and all other peculiar genres giving an unexpected raw touch to their music.The bass guitarist is more into melodic metal, giving a heavy touch to the band's sound. The band's drummer is into Thrash and Speed Metal giving a dynamic and speedy touch to the rhythm. The band has been working full time on their own compositions, and has fully written and composed an album worth of songs. Having enough music in their heads to keep them busy till the end of time!

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