Live Stock Trading Sessions

Live Stock Trading Sessions


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  • Traders who are struggling to make profits
  • Professionals & Investors who invest in stock market
  • MBA-Graduates who want to have career in capital markets
  • Research analysts who want to support their clients
  • Those who wish  to shift from Employment to Self Employment 

Stock brokers, Sub-Brokers & Franchisees

The Training Phase is systematically built up over 5 steps -

Step 1

Trading/Investing is a business and every business needs a plan. In this step the students would be designing a business plan as per their Trading/Investing capital and Trading/Investing goals.

Step 2

We take you through the technical analysis curriculum beginning from the basics to the advanced concepts to Options Strategies.

Step 3

You will discover different Trading/Investing strategies. These include trend following strategies, momentum Trading/Investing strategies, short term Trading/Investing strategies and options Trading/Investing strategies.

Step 4

In this level we work on money management, where you will be guided on the optimal position size for a trade, how to limit drawdown and how to scale up & scale down.

Step 5

We will look into the right Trading/Investing mindset. We work on your discipline, temperament, decision making skills and such other factors that will help you stick to your Trading/Investing plan.

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